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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Psv Christmas Extravaganza 11 December 2011

As you are probably aware, this years hotly anticipated Christmas Match is booked for Sunday 11 December at Westerleigh on both lakes.
The match format will generally be the same as last year with payouts for the top three overall and three section payouts (by default) on each of the lakes.
The winner will also have free membership* for next season *(not transferable).
There won't be a silvers pool unfortunately as I have enough to sort out already!
As before the match will cost £40 in total with £20 up front which covers the generous tackle prizes and £20 on the day to cover peg fees and pools.
By now I should have had all the money in for the tackle prizes however I am still waiting for a few which I need as soon as possible in order to get the prizes organised, so please bring your £20 along to Boyd this Sunday (if you are fishing) or to the meeting on the following Tuesday at the absolute latest thanks!
Likewise, anybody who is booked in but can't make it please let me know as early as possible so that I know exactly how many bait boxes and disgorgers to get!
And it wouldn't be a bad idea for everyone to confirm their place either by text or by using the comments box below (include your name)! as you probably already know that I can be a bit flaky when it comes to writing things down.
If the numbers booked-in remains unchanged the payout will be as follows or thereabouts:

First Overall: £55
Second Overall: £50
Third Overall: £45
Section 1: £40 x 2
Section 2: £30 x 2
Section 3: £20 x 2

The important bit!
In a change to previous years Mugger Shanks has kindly arranged for breakfast for everybody in the New Inn at Westerleigh which will be open from 8 and cost a fiver (I think). Also the draw will be at the pub and unlike our normal Sunday morning free-for-alls which so often in the past have resulted in general chaos,  redraws, and a suicidal match organiser, this will be a far more civilised affair run with military precision as follows:
  • Order your breakfast
  • Pay your £20
  • Draw your peg and record it
  • Eat your breakfast
  • Fuck off to your peg 
This way, those of you who like to set up ten topkits and do your hair / nails / make-up before the all-in can get there nice and early and have all the time in the world to get themselves sorted! Special thanks to Derek Lucas for that bit of inspiration no doubt born from the frustration of watching me make a hash of things first thing on a Sunday morning as a result of Saturday night fever (alcohol abuse)!
Fishing time will be from 10 till 3, all the pegging will have been done in advance and there will be a set of scales and a board on each lake (maybe even two pens as well). Moaning about the pegging, or anything else for that matter, is strictly forbidden.
Naturally, the festive fun and frolics will follow at the Midland Spinner where we will be having the results, payouts and tackle prizes followed by a generous buffet (thanks to Chris Gay), raffle and maybe one or two alcoholic drinks.
Feel free to bring plenty of money for the raffle as no expense has been spared on prizes (I've had to forego my spray-tans for the last month to pay for it)!

If anyone is interested, last year's winner was Paul Elmes with 18-8 from peg 19 on the old lake followed by Adam Caswell with 17-2 from peg 1 (also on the old lake)
Sections were:
Old lake 1. Ryan Jordan ... peg 2 ... 15-0
Old lake 2. Trigger ......... peg 10 ... 14-10
Old lake 3. Stevie Wynne ... peg 15 ... 13-12
New lake 1. Neil Mercer ... peg 26 ... 15-6
New lake 2. Simon Belcham ... peg 33 ... 13-13
New lake 3. Eddie Wynne ... peg 21 ... 13-6
The lakes had been frozen for a fortnight previously hence the low weights!

The previous year Neil Mercer won with 43-5 from peg 2,  2nd was venue expert Darren North with 38-3 from peg 15  and 3rd was Ryan Jordan with 31-0 from peg 1
Sections were:
1. Tony Rixon (who)? ... peg 23 ... 17-0
2. Mark Radford ....... peg 31 ... 16-12
1. Paul Elmes ....... peg 9 ..... 15-6
2. Bob Warren ...... peg 5 ..... 13-12

In our most recent matches Alan Healy won by a whisker on the old lake (9 October) with 64-6 from peg 1  followed by Mike Wilson on peg 17 with 33-4.
And on the new lake (30 October) Paul Elmes won with 15-11 from peg 22  followed by Alan Healy with 13-6 from peg 25