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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

match calender 2016

 PSV Match Fishing Calendar 2016
Date  Venue Date  Venue
January  July 
3rd 3rd Viaduct Campbell
10th Sedges Tile 10th Sedges Brick
17th Shiplate Main 17th Shiplate Hawthorne
24th Harescombe 24th Landsend Lake 3
31st   31st Boddington Reservoir 
February August
7th Sedges Tile 7th Viaduct Campbell
14th Landsend Match 14th Todbar Manor Hillview Lake
21st Viaduct Lodge 21st Sedges Tile
28th Shiplate Main 26th - 28th Harescombe/ Stafford Moor Festival
March  September
6th Staunton Court 4th  
13th Viaduct Campbell 11th Viaduct Campbell
20th Sedges Tile 18th Landsend match
27th Trinity - Half Lake 25th Sedges Brick
April  October
3rd Harescombe 2nd Shiplate Main 
10th Landsend Match 9th Viaduct Campbell
17th Sedges Brick 16th Trinity Half Lake
24th Shiplate Hawthorne 23rd Landsend Speci
  30th Harescombe
May  November
1st Viaduct Campbell 6th Viaduct Lodge
8th Leechpool Farm 13th
15th Harescombe 20th Sedges Tile
22nd Trinity Half Lake 27th Shiplate Main
29th Sedges Brick
June  December
5th Rood Ashton 4th
12th Viaduct Cary 11th Acorn - Xmas
19th Landsend Match 18th
26th Leechpool Farm  
PSV have decided to change the format of matches for 2016.
An all winners and silvers final will now take place towards the end of the year following 
qualifying rounds throughout the year. 
The winner of the All winners final and Silvers will get a PSV cheque for £100, a shiny 
trophy along with membership for the following year.
Win a PSV match or the silvers to qualify
Attend 50% of the matches up until the finals 
Members only
12 qualifying places available
PSV & fishery rules will apply
Qualifying rounds will be held in conjunction with the standard matches
Any qualifying spaces not taken for either final will be allocated to the next best placed 
angler who has not qualifed.
All Winners Final:
First round will be at Harescombe on the 3rd April 2016 and the last round will be at
Harescombe on the 28th August 2016. 
(there are 21 qualifying rounds to obtain 12 different finalists)
The final will be held at Viaduct Campbells on the 11 September 2016
Silvers Winners Final:
First round will be at Sedges Tile on the 10th January 2016 and the last round will be
at Harescombe on the 28th August 2016. 
(there are 33 qualifying rounds to obtain 12 different finalists)
The final will be held at Sedges Brick on the 25 September 2016

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas match details

Its that time of year again folks, the christmas match which this year is at windmill fishery. The Midland Spinner has kindly offered to put on breakfast for us so could everyone be there for between 7.30-7.45, we will also be having the draw at the pub.

After the match in the evening it should be back to the pub for prizes drinks etc, the fishery isnt fishing to bad so baring a total weather disaster it should be a half decent match with everyone having a few bites.

Fancy dress is optional but Santa (lee Waller), scrooge (mike wilson), the grinch (Darren North).......and the sugar plum fairy (Steve Burgess) will be in attendance.

Well all that leaves is to wish everyone in the club and anyone who reads this nonsense a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Look forward to another good one in 2016!

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Harescombe, 22 November (13 pegs)

After a spell of damp and mild weather winter made it's first proper appearance with Saturday being bitterly cold and windy with it.
I spent a couple of hours on Saturday up a ladder playing around with the x brother-in-law's roof which wasn't a very pleasant experience.
Fortunately the wind died away overnight but it was still cold and I had to sort the windscreen of the fishing bus with a credit card (it's only use these days).
Despite the frost the log burner at Harescombe's cafe wasn't put to use but the breakfast was good, I had a "Pricey"
I don't know if they do a "Half Pricey" especially for Mike Nicholls, could be a winner!
Alan Healey was in charge of proceedings and with thirteen fishing it was pretty much every other peg and paying out top 5 overall so plenty to go at.
I drew 13 with Alan on 11 and Lee Waller in the corner on  15 (or 16)
The hot pegs, either side of the landslip, were occupied by Rich Jones on 24 and Steve Sewell on 29.
Most were expecting a few fish to be caught today as the f1's that are the main target here apparently feed all year round regardless of the weather but I wasn't so sure about that as the sudden drop in temperature was sure to knock the weights back a bit.
And it was a psv match after all (sorry Lee)

Nonetheless I was quite happy with my peg as the far bank wooden posts in front of me had collapsed and given me a bit of a feature to fish to and it seemed that the shelf had given way as well as I had a depth of 4ft tight across which seemed a good thing until Steve o' Toole came round and said he'd won a recent match from the same peg and never caught anything across and caught all his fish by his feet in the shallow water.
I set up a rig to fish either side of the collapsed bank with maggot over micros and that rig also suited a couple of lines at topkit plus one.
I also had a rig set up for tight across further along the bank which again suited the inside margins (although I wasn't expecting to catch much from them and didn't) and another rig, same depth, but for banded pellet as Chris Fox had done well on it recently (I didnt so he must have been fibbing)!

With 9 different lines on the go I missed the all-in unsurprisingly but it made little difference as the match was a slow starter and after about 5 minutes I was the first person I could see catch anything, a 10oz gudgeon from across on maggot followed by a chublet but that was a false dawn as not much followed.
Elsewhere Steve Wynne over the other side on 19 was getting odd fish on other people's bait (he'd left all his at home) and Rich Jones was catching, not much else was happening and even Brian Shanks on 21 was struggling and was getting "chip-shopped" by Steve and Rich either side of him.
Alan was getting nowhere and Lee had only caught "eyes" fishing 16m across to the end of the island.
He then came in short and had a "run" of 2 or 3 f1's before that went dead.
But I pulled that back with a proper carp across (all 1lb of it) and a skimmer and another similar sized carp from my short lines
It was hard work and by mid-way through the match Mark Radford was complaining about hypothermia and a lack of fish, Lee was just moaning in general and both Steve o' Toole and Lionel Legge were wandering around aimlessly.
Meanwhile Brian had finally got his mojo back and was catching and Alan was staging a big comeback accompanied by a lot of coughing and splashing etc just to let me know our pound side bet wasn't going to be a foregone conclusion and to add insult to injury I hooked up in the far bank foliage and broke the tip off my best float.

In my panic to avoid losing a pound I decided to heap some feed in on my short lines which Alan found highly amusing.
He went a bit quiet though when I had 3 f1's from there straight away and in the last hour, by which time the Radfords were heading down the M5, I had a few more from across with my newly adapted f1 float, not enough to trouble the front runners but enough to keep my pound safe.

The match was won by Steve Sewell from 29 with 31-0
Steve caught alternating between maggot and soft pellet fishing to the pipe thing that sticks out of the water at about 14m.
Rich Jones was 2nd with 26-10 caught mostly on caster short.

Full Result:

1. Steve Sewell (29).... 31-0
2. Rich Jones (21) .......... 26-10
3. Chris Szakacs (30) ..... 24-12
4. Steve o'Toole (3) ......... 23-10
5. Steve Wynne (19) ........ 19-2
6. Brian Shanks (21) ........ 17-0
7. Steve Burgess (13) ...... 16-4
8. Rocket Ron (6) ............ 13-2
9. Alan Healey (11) .......... 10-6
and 4 dnw's

So a close result which is always good although the weights were well down on the norm but it was cold and it was a psv match so no surprises there then!

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Emerald pools, Ruby lake

Originally i think there were 18 booked into this match but closer to the match this dropped to 14 then on the day there were 3 no shows which left us with 11 which as it happens is a good number for this relatively small lake. We had no committee members in attendance today so the honor of running the match went to Mark Radford, who done a good job organising and rejigging the pegging after the no shows along with the payouts.

After a lovely mild Saturday it was noticeably cooler and very misty come Sunday morning also there was a large slimy green algae bloom covering most of the lake. The lake has a good head of small carp so no one was to fussed where they drew with most having some sorta feature to fish too. Last time we were on the lake in March Steve O toole romped the match easy with well over a ton on corn off peg 11, this time round Steve Wynne drew it and for company on 12 he had the unusually quiet Pete Uzzel, who must of been confused by the weather or something as his gear is usually mothballed as soon as the clocks go back ready to be dusted off in the spring, anyway there was no missing him with his daglow green nets!

The match started OK for most with several anglers having a few early bites, noticeably Chris Gay up in corner peg 7 who was catching a few long against his small island, as the match wore on tho it was getting harder to string a run of fish together with people catching in fits and starts.

Hero to zero this week was! after acouple of wins on the trot this week i drew peg 4 and quite fancied it for a few with a nice reed fringed island at 12 metres, unfortunately it didn't quite go to plan and after a half decent start putting a few small carp in the net i then suffered a torrid few hours!! the only place i could get bites was tight to the reeds and it turned into a nightmare losing four or five rigs to hooked carp diving into the undercut bank on the island trying to throw the pole behind me to combat this proved very frustrating with the wall of fir trees lining this side of the lake, trying elsewhere proved fruitless even the margins were devoid of life apart from the horde of motherless minnows that inhabit this lake. I wasn't the only one struggling tho as with twos hours to go Mark on peg 1 had enough and packed up and went home taking son Ryan with him from peg 8 who was also having a very quiet match.

Going into the last hour a few people started to catch well, Steve Wynne and Lee Waller were having a few on the car park bank and Matty Taynton on peg 2 in the narrow channel was catching some proper ones on bunches of maggots. Head and shoulders above everyone tho was Brian Shanks on peg 3 who was catching one a bung fishing long shallow slapping a pellet tight to the reeds, he was also losing a few in the reeds but lucky for him could pull at a right angle getting them out without the need to ship back.

So first on the day with a weight of 75lb 4oz was Brian.

second with 54lb 4oz was Matty Taynton, third place went to Chris Gay with 50lb 2 oz, Chris had a good last hour fishing caster long down his margin, top silvers weight went to Brian's travelling partner ' roman candle ' Ron Hardiman with 4lb of fantails goldfish so a very happy car on the way home.


  1. BRIAN SHANKS         75,4 LBS      PEG 3
  2. MATTY TAYNTON    54,4 LBS              2
  3. CHRIS GAY                 50,2 LBS              7
  4. LEE WALLER              47,9 LBS             9
  5. STEVE WYNNE           33,6 LBS            11
  6. STEVE O TOOLE         32.14LBS            5
  7. CHRIS SZAKACS         26,13LBS           4
  8. RON HARDIMAN         24,6 LBS            6


  1.  RON HARDIMAN     4 LB
  2.  LEE WALLER            2,7LB

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Stafford moor dates 2016

We have an update on the Stafford Moor mini festivals for 2016.
Following on from the great weekend we had and the support for another event, the following festivals have been booked... yipppppeeeeee
April 8th – 10th
September 16th – 18th
We will be looking to run a similar format to last time depending on the number, therefore please let me know, drop me a message or a text on what festival or both you wish to fish.
Accommodation has been arranged for up to 23 people at the Beaford Country House. We will be looking to secure a £25 deposit for each festival ideally by the next meeting. (Money can be paid to Lee Waller, once again thanks to Lee and his Wife for sorting out the accommodation)

Will Dearlove

Monday, 5 October 2015

The Sedges, Tile lake

Another visit down to Sedges today, this time on Tile lake. A very good turnout with 19 fishing so everyone was expecting a good contest. Everyone was in good spirits which was probably down to the great craic everyone had the weekend before and there was plenty of piss taking going on mainly at the expense of Adam Caswell.

Draw time came and asper usual Will had everything well organised paying a top two, two sections and top silvers so lots to play for, the usual corners were favoured, particularly 21-40. Keith Rays drawing arm is on fire at the moment as he pulled 40 and young Ryan Radford can draw better than his dad and that's saying something! pulling 21.

Peg 38 was to be my home for the day and after pushing my gear the short walk to my peg the two biggest venue experts in the club 'slayer' Matty Taynton and Lee Williams trudged past bemoaning how bad they're pegs were ( yea right! ) on the way to 31-32. On my left i had the clubs second loudest angler in Pete Uzzel who was defo gonna make the day entertaining especially after another night of rugby disappointment, and on my right for the second time in a week was 'Rocket' Ron Hardiman although Pete did suggest its now ' sparkler' Ron Hardiman after his showing at stafford moor!

My main line was gonna be chucking out the pellet feeder to the island id also set up the shallow wag just in case and acouple of pole lines finished my setup, on the whistle an assortment of method feeders and leads were chucked at various islands and early doors it was clear not alot was being caught, a hour in id managed one 2lber and from what i could see it was just odd fish being caught, as the match went on it followed abit of a pattern for me id catch acouple in quick succession then go very long spells with nothing a brief spell mid match on the pole yielded acouple of decent skimmers then a hooked carp killed the line.

As the match went on a some people started to catch a few. matt up on 31 was showing good skills on the shallow wag taking a few good carp against the rope as was Lee next door taking a few on the method. also on 35 Rich jones short meat line was starting to work taking decent skimmers and the odd carp at regular intervals, the last hour came and some pegs really switched on with the the corners really showing with Ryan, Keith and Steve Sewel on 30 taking a string of decent fish.

Winner on the day with a good performance was Matty Taynton with 70lb 9oz of mainly wag caught carp, second was Rich Jones with 57lb 13oz of meat caught fish which included the best silver weight of 16lb and third went to Lee Williams with a method caught 54lb 5oz

                                                                       'The Slayer'

Keith and Lee were section winners and Pete Uzzel managed to sneak the silvers by default so he was a happy chappy despite getting ' a chip shop ' my couple of skimmers and 11 carp went just over 42lb odd whilst Will Dearlove had four fish for 2ozs more!


  1. MATT TAYNTON          70,09 LBS        PEG  31
  2. RICH JONES                   57,13 LBS                  35
  3. LEE WILLIAMS             54,05 LBS                  32  ( SECTION )
  4. KEITH RAY                    52,03 LBS                  40  ( SECTION )
  5. RYAN RADFORD          51,04 LBS                  21
  6. STEVE SEWELL            43,07 LBS                  30
  7. WILL DEARLOVE         42,08 LBS                  29
  8. CHRIS SZAKACS          42,06 LBS                  38
  9. ADAM CASWELL         33,08 LBS                  25
  10. STEVE O TOOLE           33,07 LBS                  27
  11. MARK RADFORD         24,03 LBS                  24
  12. LEE WALLER                23      LBS                  36
  13. BRIAN SHANKS           21,07 LBS                   23
  14. RON HARDIMAN         21,05 LBS                   37
  15. PETE UZZEL                 15,02 LBS                   39
  16. JOHN BRADFORD         7,04 LBS                   26

  1. RICH JONES                   16,     LBS
  2. PETE UZZEL                    8,15 LBS    ( DEFAULT )
  3. MATT TAYNTON           8,14 LBS 
  4. JOHN BRADFORD         7,04 LBS
Not massive weights but another close fishing match at a great fishery, the next match is at trinity waters and the blog should be back in the capable hands of Mr Burgess who should be back from his holidays.    

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Stafford Moor weekender

Seventeen members made an early morning trek down to deepest Devon for the clubs annual weekend away. this year thanks to the great effort of Lee Waller and his good lady we were fishing the fantastic fishery that is Stafford Moor. Match Secretary Will came up with the format for the three days which was a mini festival based on points, two sections one of eight one of nine each day lowest points over the three days would win paying down to top five, also there was a superpool paying top two each day plus section winners and silvers pool each day. Very fair and giving everyone a chance of picking something up during the weekend.


Everyone got to the fishery in good time on the friday mainly due to the fact that no one could find a cafe open for breakfast, not to worry tho as we were afforded a fantastic welcome by fishery owners Paul and Jo who went out they're way to make sure we were looked after and organised, teas and coffees were in plentiful supply and the draw was sorted for us. We were starting on woodpecker and everyone was not to fussed where they drew as there are not to many bad pegs at Stafford moor, Paul did warn us tho that the fishery was fishing hard due to a week of heavy rain that had added 8-9 inches of cold water to the lakes and the day we arrived the weather had changed to high pressure clear sky's and cold mornings so typical PSV fair really although i don't think anyone realised how hard the weekend would actually be. Most fancied a draw in the thirty's and when Dean Malin pulled out 32 it was gonna be hard to beat, Pete Uzzel had a smile on his face too drawing 36. My turn to dip my hand in and peg 3 stuck to it, recent matches it had been quiet but over the summer it had very much been a form peg.
peg 3 is very reminiscent of peg 29 on campbell lake at viaduct with a long spit on the left, the advice i was given was lead and wag to the back of peg 36 and up to the spit in the last couple of hours. On the all in i chucked the lead out and as i reached for the catapult i just caught the tip being dragged round and a very welcome 6lber made its way to the net, casting out again i waited in anticipation for it to go round again......and waited......and waited, it would be another three hours before my next fish
It seemed the same pattern around the lake with early fish caught then nothing, Steve Sewell next door on 4 had a couple of early fish on the wag and pole but from what i could see and hear it was Lee Waller down in the corner on peg one who had the best start landing five or six decent carp along his right margin, i personally think this was mainly due to the eight cans of thatchers gold he drank as we all know Lee don't do vermin!
down on 8-10 Rich Jones and Mark Radford were both struggling but they were both giving each other plenty of stick throughout the match, Over on 32 tho Dean was giving a masterclass in lead fishing taking a steady run of carp throughout the match for a very comfortable win with 129lb 8oz second place went to Lee with a cider induced 69lb, a few decent skimmers and three carp in the last hour along the spit saved me from total disaster, talking of disasters poor old Alan Healy had a match to forget on peg 16 with a big fat DNW
After the match everyone headed back to Dolton to the digs, there were seven of us in the Rams Head with the rest staying round the corner in the Royal oak. The evening turned into a very quiet affair by psv standards starting in the rams head where we were all booked in for dinner, most were happy with the food the steaks being particularly well received, apart from Keith Ray whose sirloin was wrapped in black hair! suffice to say he never payed for his meal. Also the cheese board seriously broke the trade description act although Adam Caswell enjoyed it! After the meal everyone retreated to the Royal oak for a few beers some more so than others Rich Jones having a late one and Lee carrying on enjoying the cider, the upshot of that was that Lionel Legg never slept much that night as he was sharing a room with Lee!


The morning broke very chilly and those of us in the Rams head woke to a very enjoyable breakfast, what it lacked in size it made up for in quality and variety
The cookie crew getting stuck in!
 with that finished it was off to the fishery where we all received another warm welcome everyone that was apart from one who had gone back to bed after breakfast feeling shattered from lack of sleep so much so poor Lionel missed the draw, again most wanted a draw in the thirty's and Matt Woodward was happy pulling out 36 for company he had Rich Jones and Pete Uzzel on 35-34 respectively, Dean had another good draw with 3 and even Alan was happy with 9. I pulled 16 and it was not really what i was looking for and not much had come of it recently.
next to me on my left was Steve Sewell on 13 and we both agreed it would probably be a day on the silvers if we wanted a days fishing
on my right down in the jungle end peg 18 was all round nice bloke and venue regular 'rocket' Ron Hardiman and with a gentle breeze blowing in there i fancied him for a few                                      
there was plenty of time to set up and before the all in i had a wander down to peg 11 to find Dean Malin sat on Lees box giving him a few pointers on lead fishing even clipping him up to the nearest island as after doing well yesterday he was gonna have another go for the carp                                 
On the whistle Lee chucked out perfect next to the island next cast tho for some reason he dropped it slap bang in the middle of the island and lost the lot! turning round and cursing something about noddy fishing he slung the rod up the bank and reached for the pole!                                                  

The plan for my match was starting on the lead to the island i was gonna give it a hour to see if there were any carp in the area then if not drop back on my pole lines and have a day on the silvers,feeding my short lines with groundbait i started by chucking the lead to the island with pellet, the first hour came and went with not so much as a liner, looking around Ron had a few early fish on the pellet wag to his end bank and the odd lead caught fish was coming out around the lake but on the whole it was fishing very hard. Soon i came in on my pole lines and fishing natural baits dead maggot and worm head i started to get bites but unfortunately it was from tiny roach, perch and skimmers, with two and a half hours to go and going nowhere fast a change of tact was needed so i potted in some softened fours at thirteen metres and it made an immediate difference, suddenly i started catching decent skimmers on a banded 6mm also the odd carp put in an appearance which kept unsettling the skimmers and also ran me a merry dance on my light rig managing to land four before the all out.

Winner on the day was Steve Sewell on 13 who fished a very similar match to myself but landed more carp, he fished a very tidy match and recorded his first PSV win with 56lb over on peg 20 Mark Radford had a torrid match losing six or seven carp which could easily have won him the match.                                
second on peg 27 with 52lb 7oz was Keith Ray who caught most of his fish in his margins, down on 3 Dean had managed to win his section again which put him in a very strong position going into the last day but there were a clutch of anglers not far behind on five points making it all to play for. The lake had fished very hard but on the whole was a very close fishing match. Pete and Rich had everyone in stitches taking the piss out of anyone and everyone with Adam being the usual foil for much good natured banter especially as he had a nightmare losing several decent fish                    

Everyone headed back after and were looking forward to the evening, the landlady at the Oak had agreed to cook for us and after it was a certain important rugby match was being shown.           
the food really was top draw with steaks burgers and ham going down a treat coupled with some really cheap pints of  cider and lager everyone was in a decent mood, the only person not happy was Adam who had a right strop on for some reason!! after the food we settled down to watch the rugby which as we know didn't really end well much to the annoyance of keen rugby fans Pete Uz and Matt Williams. With the beer flowing it was time to take over the pool table and we actually found something Adam was good at as he took on all comers winning several games in a row, that was until the hustler Dearlove knocked him off will also won a game of killer we all took part in which was probably the best result he had all weekend!!                                                                                        
after several beers Alan was getting very friendly with the locals! it ended up being a late night for most and a cracking evening was had by all.                                                                                      

FINAL DAY :-      PINES                                                                                                                      

Another clear bright chilly morning greeted us and after another cracking breaky everyone made they're way to the fishery for the last match of the weekend. lots were riding on the final day with several anglers chasing Dean at the top and the silvers prize a three horse race between Keith Ray Julian Nurse and myself, Pines hadn't been fishing great and this lake is usually associated with cracking silver fish bags but they hadn't been showing this year and it was more dominated by bags of small carp with feature and island pegs doing particularly well, peg 24 had been doing the business and when Keith promptly drew it i knew i was gonna be up against it especially when i pulled 12 up in the bay in the deep water with every peg on that bank in it was gonna be a struggle, at least id be entertained as one side i had Adam and the other i had Alan.                                                                  
 The match itself followed the pattern of the last two days with no one really bagging and it was a case of catching odd carp here and there,my match was abit of a struggle taking six carp acouple of skimmers and tench for the best weight on my bank but not enough to compete with elsewhere on the lake, winner on the day was young Ryan Radford on peg 1 who weighed 47lb 8oz of small carp fishing tight over to the island, Ryan fished a very tidy match so well done to him, second was Keith on 24 who had a decent bag of silvers for 17lb amongst his carp finishing with 44lb 10oz his silvers were enough to take the overall silvers result so well done Keith

Overall Dean Malin managed to hold on and win out right with a great score of 5points so well done to Dean, finishing second was that man Steve Sewell who fished very well over the weekend so well done Steve.                                                                                                                                                


so there you have it a fantastic weekend that everyone enjoyed and even tho the fishing was hard we had three good contests, plenty of laughs and a great crack was had by all!! so much so that most are keen to repeat next year. Many thx must go to Lee and his wife for organising the trip and for Will for being as efficient as ever in organising the format and payouts and also a massive thank you to Paul and Jo for making us feel very welcome at the fishery!                                                               


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

PSV Stafford Moor weekend away

Ladies, gentlemen and Adam Caswell, the time is nearly upon us where the club enjoys its annual weekend away. This year thanks to the sterling efforts of Lee Waller we will be enjoying the fantastic facilities and fishing down at Stafford Moor fishery in Devon. Lee has booked 3twins and 1 single in the Rams Head and 1 double and 4 twins in the Royal Oak.

This is just a quick post to go over the format and rules for the weekend, the committee has kindly agreed to put £100 towards any prize fund also Steve Burgess has promised to donate one of his old trophies ( most camp angler award 1996 I think ) all winnings prize funds are based on 18 anglers fishing over the three days.

The format for the weekend is as follows, there are three matches over the weekend using tanners,woodpecker and pines not necessary in that order, each day is an individual match paying top three and one silver pool but also each match there will be a points system which decide the top two anglers over the three matches, as a side note there will be a separate silvers prize based on weight aggregate over the three matches.



EACH DAY,  1ST-£60    2ND-£50   3RD-£30    SILVERS   £40

BEST SILVERS AGGREGATE                      £50

Point system over the weekend is very simple based on two sections of nine anglers you get 1 point for winning down to 9 for the last place angler so lowest points over the three matches wins and so forth also if you DNW it counts as 9 points so pays to weighin everyday guys! in the event of a tie winner will be decided on weight countback, also as stated the highest aggregate silvers weight over the three days will win the silvers pool. this is a rough guide and can be subject to slight changes depending on what people want


You will find all fishery match rules below, fishing times will be 11-5pm with a draw time of 9.30am (hangovers permitting) on the Friday can everyone try and get to the fishery for 9.00am so everything can be sorted out, and can all outstanding balance's be payed to Lee in the next two weeks which is £77 if you have payed the £35 deposit

Match Rules

  • No floating baits
  • Barbless hooks only
  • 16m pole limit
  • No method feeders or adaptation
  • No fixed rigs, no stops back up the line i.e. no bolt rigs
  • Ledger and feeder hooklength 12 inches minimum
  • Shallow wags max 1cm thick, No Discs, min 4 inches long, hook lengths 6 inches minimum
  • No floating poles, you must use a float on the pole
  • Please dry nets before coming to Stafford Moor
  • Maximum of 75lbs of carp in a keepnet, any over will not count
  • Maximum of 50lbs of silvers in a keepnet, any over will not count
  • You will probably need to bring at least 3 keepnets with you
  • A maximum of 8 pints of pellets to be fed during a match
  • No gardening if any plants/trees are causing you a problem please notify either Paul or Jo please do not attempt to cut/prune/damage the plants/trees.
  • Willow pole only 16m max
  • Willow 35lb max of small carp in a net
  • Willow all carp to be netted

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Staunton Court, 16 August (14 pegs)

So, as is traditional now with our occasional visits to Staunton Court our first port of call was for breakfast at Watersmeet Hotel just a couple of miles back from the fishery at Hartpury.
Apparently they have changed management now and it was a lot busier than I've rver seen it before but the breakfast was still top notch although I noticed there were no racks of toast brought to the table and the usual pots of tea and coffee had been substituted for a self service arrangement at the bar but this was probably down to how busy it was.
More worrying though was that in the front lake nearest the car park every fish in the lake was on the surface sucking in air, presumably  due to a lack of oxygen in the water that was maybe caused by the recent unseasonal weather we've been having.
This did make me wonder how the fishing would be at Staunton today although with it being a Psv match no big weights were likely (apparently)!
In charge again this week, despite it being 90 miles from Somerton, was Will Daiwalove and he was using the same pegging and format as he did the last time we were up here which was back in May.
That meant there were five pegs on each of the long banks, two on both end banks and paying out top 2 overall, a silvers and 2 sections.
That match was won by Will's father-in-law Keith Ray with 110lbs from the top corner of the grass bank with Lee Williams getting 2nd from the other end of the same bank (the famous "bin peg")
And incidentally yours truly was 3rd from the bottom end bank.
6-toes wasn't with us today as he was out with Pawlett Legion on Campbell & Cary but Mark Radford had found himself on the "bin peg" so he was moaning less than usual.
Strangely, Keith drew the exact same peg this time round (peg 8) which meant he would be keeping me company as I was on 9 and next to me was Pete (the paste) Uzzell, so between the three of us there was quite a collection of colourful keepnets much to the amusement of those opposite ... Somebody mentioned a resemblance to a set of traffic lights which was quite an accurate description .

I set up a couple of shallow rigs, one normal one and the other was a Preston Jigger which I was trying for the first (and last) time. Both of these for banded 8mm's but with the option of fishing a piece of meat pulled onto the band.
I also set up a rig for on the deck (meat) which was plumbed up at 14m
No rods today as it was pole only.
I started off by feeding a big pot of pellet and meat at 14m and went out over it with the Jigger which proved fruitless as despite plenty of "jigging" the only things taking an interest in the pellet were micro skimmers which were stripping the 8mm pellet down to nothing within a minute.
The first hour was slow to say the least, and not just for me, as most were in the same boat and only a couple of odd fish had been caught around the lake.

By now my 14m line was fizzing like crazy so I switched to the deep rig with meat which produced a small skimmer  and my first carp of the day.
After that I started getting plagued by liners so I re-fed and went back shallow on the proper shallow rig which produced one carp and a couple of foulers that were lost.
Most of us were suffering a similar struggle although Steve o'Toole had started to catch at a decent rate up in the top corner (peg 6), and Pasty Pete next to me was catching skimmers regularly with a few carp thrown in.
Will on peg 3 was doing ok and Mark Radford was on his 2nd fish for the 3rd time but generally it was slow.

I'd been feeding both my edges regularly and there was plenty of activity on both sides judging by the swirls and waving tails.
An early look proved fruitless despite there being plenty of fish mooching around. 
Adam and Keith were having similar problems, especially Keith who was having a torrid time hooking and losing fish on a regular basis.
It was quite strange as the fish seemed to be homing in on the feed and rooting around but not feeding. Or perhaps they were mopping up the feed and ignoring the hookbait, I've no idea but it was frustrating all the same and I think Pete made the right decision by ignoring the margins and sticking it out on the deck.

Eventually I did manage to land a couple of margin fish, some of which were hooked legitimately, but my total of 37-6 was never going to make any waves but at least I managed to recover all 3 of my side bets, including Alan's as he had suffered an (almost) repeat of his last performance here weighing in a dismal 27-8 from peg 14 which is usually a decent peg, at least it was in the last match if I remember rightly!

As expected Steve o'Toole won the match convincingly with 116-4 caught on 8mm pellet in the margins on his topkit, although if that was the case he has 11m topkits so I suspect there was a bit of fibbing going on there.
Gangsta rapper DJ Steve-O
Second place went to Will with 83-6 caught on pellet shallow and in the margins.

Third place, and top silvers, was Pete (the paste) Uzzell with 82-12 caught on .... work it out!

Silvers winner Pete Uzzell with his ridiculously coloured keepnet

Full Result:

  1. Steve o'Toole (6) ......... 116-4
  2. Will Dearlove (3) ......... 83-6
  3. Pete Uzzell (10) .......... 82-12
  4. Ryan Radford (4) ........ 55-12
  5. Mark Radford (12) ....... 45-12 
  6. Chris Szakacs (13) ....... 42-8
  7. Chris Gay (1) .............. 37-12 
  8. Steve Burgess (9) ........ 37-6
  9. Colin Butler (7) ............ 30-12
  10. Adam Caswell (11) ....... 29-2
  11. Alan Healey (14) .......... 27-8
  12. Steve Sewell (2) / Keith Ray* (8).. 25-4
  13. and 1 dnw
*Golden peg

  1. Pete Uzzell ........ 19-12
  2. Colin Butler ....... 10-12
  3. Steve Sewell ..... 8-4