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Monday, 25 August 2014

The Sedges 14 pegs

If Carlsberg done fisherys........

unlike last weeks bleak surroundings this week the club were at one of the finest fisherys In the southwest, not only is it easy on the eye but your always afforded a warm welcome by the owners with a free cuppa, and to cap it all the lakes offer some fantastic fishing!

Originally we had a full house of twenty but for whatever reason a few dropped out leaving fourteen so match organisor mr Healy decided on paying a top three plus two silvers places

On our last visit the skimmers fed really well with Chris Davis  catching nearly 70lbs of them unfourtunately today they didnt show in any numbers infact it was a slow day for most people. On peg 15 Adam Caswell started well with four decent carp in as many put ins on his favoured putty but thats as good as it got for him, elsewhere it was slow going with the odd carp and skimmer being caught.

My dip in to the bucket of balls gave me a short walk to corner peg one, i was not overly confident as there was no ripple at all so expected a tough match but being the corner you usually get a few fish turn up late on, i started on a pellet feeder along the bottom bank one pull round was all i had in the first hour but that came off halfway back. Dropping on my 5metre meat line my first bite was a 2lb skimmer next put in the float kept going and a ten pounder was soon in the net thats where my action stopped. Id been pinging pellet 16 metres along the bank at the only point I could really get tight, going Into the last hour i noticed activity so went out with a double dendra on the hook and had areally good last hour hooking 13 carp landing 10 with the fish litery ripping the elastic out. I finished with 87lb which was good enough for second on the day.

Winner for the second week running was Chris Gay who made the most of flyer peg 11 to weigh 98lb 5oz, Chris caught most of his fish long shallow against the reeds plus a few down the edge on worm over groundbait.Last in the frame was the master lead slinger Alan Healy with 68lb 14oz all caught on the lead and pva bag.

Top silvers was Colin Butler with 17lb 5oz of skimmers caught on soft pellet over grounbait with Mike Wilson coming second doing the same.

Main frame and silvers winners


1ST    Chris Gay              98lb 5oz       peg 11
2ND   Chris Szakacs       87lb                      1
3RD   Alan Healy             68lb 14oz             9
4TH   Lee Williams          59lb 9oz               12
5TH   Mike Wilson           58lb                      3
6TH   Adam Caswell       57lb 12oz             15
7TH   Rich Jones             51lb 5oz               18
8TH   Will Dearlove          45lb 2oz               6
9TH   Mark Radford         32lb 2oz               5
10TH Colin Butler             28lb 6oz               17
11TH Ryan Radford         22lb 14oz             10
And three DNW


1ST    Colin Butler             17lb 5oz
2nd    Mike Wilson             12lb 9oz

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Staunton Court 14 pegs

Another trip up the m5 this week to deepest Gloucestershire and a visit to Staunton court fishery. Now when you think of commercial fisherys and the proverbial puddle Staunton court is right up there, being a smallish square lake with one whole bank made of concrete flanked by industrial units it sure ain't pretty!! but what it lacks in looks it makes up for in a healthy stock of hard fighting carp and an abundance of silver fish usually resulting in a good fishing match.

With Steve on his annual clubbing holiday to Ibiza with the local YMCA it was left to docks legend and serial piss taker Alan Healy to sort out proceedings and with fourteen fishing it was decided on a top four pay out no silverpool.......seeemples

On to the fishing and with Lionel Legge cleaning out the golden peg last week at Harescombe and with the club not visting the fishery for a fair while no one was really sure what a good draw would be. One thing for sure tho with the size and nature of the lake there would be no hiding place and everyone could see who was catching what which usually means one thing.....banter!!

The match started fairly quiet with not a lot caught early doors, I drew peg 7 which was on the bottom bank and had misgivings about the peg as from previous experience I know this area can be very much feist of famine, I actually started well i'd planned a pellet shallow attack and when the whistle went and shipping out to thirteen metres I reached over for the catapult just in time to see the end of the pole slam in to the water as a 6lber hung itself, next put in same thing again unfortunately this one came off and even more unfortunate was I never had another bite for a hour and a half!

Elsewhere slowly a few people started to put weights together and the concrete bank seemed to be the place to be, Kev Jefferies on peg five started to get a few fishing paste at 6-7 metres.

kev in action!

Next to him on four was Daiwa poster boy and all round good egg Will Dearlove and he was putting together a decent weight fishing meat short although he had abit of a mare losing rigs to unseen snags, up on the top bank on pegs 13-14 both Rich Britton and big Col Elaway were catching a few, Rich on banded 8mm pellet on the deck at 5metres and Col doing similar but fishing catmeat. over on peg 3 middle of the concrete bank tho was where most of the action was taking place as Chris Gay seemed to have it sorted with a steady run of carp coming to the net, Chris chose a caster attack feeding around eight pints and caught well in both margins infact he done enough to win the match bringing a very creditable 154lb 5oz to the scales which included 12lb of skimmers.

winner on the day

second with 140lb 5oz was Rich Britton

third with 124lb 7oz was Will Dearlove

fourth and last in the frame was Col Eleway with 115lb 10oz, apologies to Col as I thought Kev Jefferies came fourth so didn't get a pic of Cols catch so your have to make do with a pic of Kev with his fifth place catch of 114lb 11oz.


1ST      CHRIS GAY             154LB 5OZ    PEG 3
2ND     RICH BRITTON       140LB 4OZ           13
3RD     WILL DEARLOVE   124LB 7OZ            4
4TH      COLIN ELAWAY    115LB 10OZ         14
5TH      KEV JEFFERIES      114LB  110Z          5
6TH      STEVE O'TOOLE       85LB    7OZ       10
7TH      MARK RADFORD     81LB    4OZ         2
8TH      CHRIS SZAKACS      79LB     9OZ        7
9TH      ALAN HEALY           40LB    2OZ          8
10TH    RYAN RADFORD      39LB     9OZ       11
11TH    PETE UZZEL              39LB     5OZ         9
12TH    ADAM CASWELL     32LB     4OZ         1

Next week were down at the sedges on brick lake which hopefully will be another goodun.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

The update that never happened!

Yes, I know I have gotten a bit behind with July's updates, most of which were started but not finished and have been gathering digital dust on my laptop and phone for weeks now and I was going to condense them all into one post but .... I've got a plane waiting so it will have to wait for the time being.

Anyway, in the meantime, if anyone who is booked into either of the next two matches can't make it can you please let Derek know on 07973830919 as he has the booking sheet and there is a waiting list for both or Alan on 07846581971 as he will be "running" things in my absence.

And finally, I will be leaving blogging duties in the capable hands of Chris "the cowboy" Szakacs ... enjoy!