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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Plantations, Horseshoe Lake, 26 April

Well this could be my shortest update for a while!
Apparently Frys had fished here last week and found it tough but the last hour proved to be productive.
For most of us today the first five hours were challenging and so was the last one.
I missed the draw and started 30 minutes after the rest, not that it made much difference.
Alan Healey showed a rare bit of compassion and skipped this week's side bet (although he has lost the last 2 and was out for a meal after so maybe wasn't taking any chances).
Steve Sewell was not feeling quite so generous, especially as he was aware that I'd spent all day and half of Saturday night driving across Europe and back on a humanitarian mercy mission and was therefore absolutely cream-crackered,
But I wasn't going to let that stop me fishing!
My peg (13) looked good. It was on the end of the island on the right hand side facing into the far right corner and the wind was pushing up this end.
I had no kit prepared (although past experiences have shown that this isn't always a bad thing).
Bait options were whatever was lurking in the holdall which turned out to be various sizes of pellet. Some 6mm soft hookers and a tin of corn so plenty there to empty the lake with!
I dug out a suitable rig to fish at 10m, the depth here was around 5' and varied by about half the float's depth around the peg so would do.
I also found a rig suitable for the left hand margin. 
The right margin was taken up by overhanging branches which looked to be a tackle graveyard and was best avoided (although I did try it later on out of desperation)
I was tempted to set up a shallow wag to chuck to the opposite bank margins but chose not to as the tree behind would have been a pain with casting.
To cut a long story short I missed about 6 bites on the pole lines, probably liners, and foul hooked a skimmer and a carp.
Set up a shallow rig which produced nothing.
Went down the edge and had a properly hooked skimmer on corn and finally went in amongst the tree branches and missed another sail-away.
My three fish went 8-4 (less than I thought) and I was glad to get home and sink my face into a couple of bottles of "wife-beater" and fall asleep on the sofa.
The match was won by Paul Preston (below) with 31-4 caught on the lead with 8mm pellet fished over to the reeds on the opposite bank.

In second place was Ross Baker with 26-8 caught on the pole with dead maggot over to the end of the island.
3rd was Rocket Ron Hardiman (below) with 24-12

Sneaking into 4th (and getting his first, and last £ back) was Steve Sewell with 16-12 and his biggest match weight ever.

Full Result:
  1. Paul Preston (15) ........ 31-4
  2. Ross Baker (3) .......... 26-8
  3. Ron Hardiman (14) .... 24-12
  4. Steve Sewell (4) ........ 16-12
  5. Darren North (2) ....... 14-0
  6. Steve O'Toole (9) ...... 13-8
  7. Chris Szakacs (7) ...... 12-0
  8. Alan Healey (11) ....... 11-8
  9. Warwick Davis (8) ..... 10-0
  10. Steve Burgess (13) ... 8-4
  11. Derek Lucas (11) ...... 2-4
  12. and a few dnw's

Next week we're down at Viaduct on Cary so hopefully there should be some 1's in front of the above results (or 2's even).
And it will be the first Psv match under the control of the smaller of our match secretary duo.
I have a feeling it will go well (he's organised)!!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Ivy House new canal 15pegs

A short drive down the m4 today to Ivy House lakes, its been awhile since the club have visited the fishery and in that time the venue has changed owners with the very capable Andy and Karen Lloyd taking over the reins. The couple have really done a fantastic job and its turning into a first class venue.

We were on new canal today which was a total unknown for all that were fishing so no one knew what to expect, but with 18 pegs and 15 fishing talk in the carpark by the venue experts (Dean Malin) suggested it could fish hard! and boy he wasn't wrong! we could of filled the lake but had to cap it at 15 with Darren North, Lionell legg and Brian Shanks travelling up anyway and fishing the open on the main lake, Darren in particular was really looking forward to pitting his wits against all the locals and venue experts in attendance including England international and Bristols finest Des Shipp, Darren was so excited he was seen running to the car to fetch his autograph book and after the draw even offered to carry Des's tackle to his peg bless him.

Alan Healy was running things today and one half of the new match secretary duo was taking things easy sampling one of the great breakfasts on offer, the nine oclock draw time came and went meaning
we ended up drawing at half past and fishing from half ten to half four, pay out wise it was top four and two silvers so lots to go at

No one was really fussed where they drew as no one had fished the lake before so everyone was clueless on what was a flyer good peg bad peg etc, as it happens they were all bad pegs! Not a lot can be said about the match really as the lake just didn't fish and it was a struggle for everyone in fact it was that bad a third of the field had gone home with two hours to go, why that is I don't know as the lake has plenty of fish in it they just didn't want to play ball today.

It ended up being a bitter sweet day for the Radfords as dad Mark came first and son Ryan came second but yet again Mark never paid Ryans pools which I guess over the course of the last season has probably ended costing Mark a fair few quid the amount of times Ryan has framed!!

Mark was on peg 16 and caught most of his fish in the first hour and half , ending with three carp and several tench all caught tight over on pellet, Ryan was on 11 and took a leaf out of the Adam Caswell school of foulhooking landing two large carp hooked in the wrong end which made up most of his weight. Third went to myself on 17 and my match started in great fashion, shipping out on the whistle I lowered the rig in against the far bank and it kept going and within a minute a bemused ten pound common was laying in the net but that was as good as it got with a handful of f1s tench and skimmers making up the rest of my weight, fouth went to Si Belcham on 10 with a decent net of skimmers and one carp, Si also came first in the silvers followed by Steve Sewell on 12 with a net of tench and f1s

the view from 17


1ST   MARK RADFORD     29LB 14OZ   PEG 16
2ND  RYAN RADFORD      19LB 14OZ           11
3RD  CHRIS SZAKACS       18LB  8OZ            17
4TH  SI BELCHAM              17LB                     10
5TH  ALAN HEALY             10LB  9OZ             8
6TH  LEE WALLER                9LB  8OZ             1
         STEVE SEWELL            9LB  8OZ           12
7TH  MATT CHALLENGER  6LB  8OZ           15
8TH  JULIAN NURSE             5LB  1OZ           18
9TH  ADAM WOODLAND     2LB  1OZ            3


1ST  SI BELCHAM               10LB
2ND STEVE SEWELL            7LB  12OZ

Next week the club are on the match lake at plantations Kingston Seymour and the blog will back in the capable hands of the soundwell love guru and Fatima Whitbread body double Steve Burgess

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Trinity, Woodlands Lake, 12 April (16 pegs)

My first match in a non-organisational role started with ..... collecting the money as one half of the new match secretary team, Alan Healey  was running late due to Shipham cafe being a tad busy (the other, smaller half wasn't fishing today).
Luckily, I had skipped Shipham in favour of Hilltops as it's quicker for me to go straight down the motorway and to be honest, they do a good brekkie there and it comes out pretty quick too although the staff may not be quite as glamorous!
Anyway, 16 fishing today and Misha sorted out the pegging for us (no need for her bodyguard today as they're now married).
Taking my turn with the rest of the rabble this week I found myself on peg 10 which put me in the company of Rich Jones on 11 and, yet again, Matt "2 pegs" Taynton on 8 who was still trying to live down the memories of last week and muttering something or other about the bush between us meaning he wouldn't be able to watch me kick his arse again!
A quick chat with Mr Jones who knows the lake like the back of his neck confirmed what I suspected that it would be an up-in-the-water / margin day as we had a stiff breeze blowing at us and up to the top corner (peg 17) which was occupied by Simon Belcham so there was a fair chance that his sprat-bashing was going to be interrupted today.
I never had a quick chat with Mr Taynton as he was still sore about last week.
I set up a shallow rig for 8mm pellet, a full depth rig, about 8' deep, to fish meat over soggy 4mm pellet for as far out as was comfortable in the wind (11-13m) and a rig to fish towards the bush on my right at topkit plus 2 sections which was beefed up a bit as some of the fish here can be quite hefty.
As I had a bit of time left I also set up a wag rod set to about half depth in case the wind dropped which it didn't so no more on that one, as they say (I've been dying to put that in somewhere)!
After cupping in a combination of pellet and meat on the pole lines I started out on the shallow rig (as did pretty much everyone) with a banded 8 and feeding 6's over the top.
And after a few minutes of old-school lifting and plopping the rig in (I can't get my head round the slapping nonsense) I was playing my first fish.
And looking round while I was playing it, it seemed that everyone else on our bank were also playing fish.
Unfortunately it wasn't so on the opposite bank as nobody was getting much over there and as the match progressed there seemed to be a bit of jealousy creeping in ... not that I was too bothered!
Sticking with the shallow rig I was getting odd fish but nothing like as many as Darren North and Chris Gay who were having a close battle on pegs 14 & 13 but for the time being I was keeping up with Rich Jones next door thanks mainly to a monster of a fish that would have been more at home at Cary.
I had an early look down the edge which resulted in missing a bite and putting my rig in the overhanging bush .... bugger!
This is a problem I'm getting a lot now as my 50 year old eyesight is failing rapidly and I struggle to work out distances and colours but never mind.
With a new rig on I went back down the edge and had another double-figure fish and a lucky escape as while I was playing it on my topkit I noticed out of the corner of my good eye the rest of my pole sliding off the roller into the lake and luckily, with a bit of one-handed carp juggling, managed to grab it before it vanished.
With my shallow fishing not really setting the world on fire I had a look on the deep rig but presentation was a nightmare as the tow was going with the wind and pushing the rig back towards me at a silly rate.
I hooked 2 fish on this rig, both fouled when I was lifting the rig out, managing to get one of them in backwards so I have a suspicion they weren't on the deck!!
As the match progressed Chris and Darren were still catching miles more than everyone else and Rich Jones (below) had a  second wind catching shallow close in.

Up on Peg 17 Simon Belcham was, as predicted, suffering carp problems,  the whingers on the opposite bank were still whingeing, Lionel Legge had even taken the opportunity to have a lie down in the sun.
Although Ron Hardiman on 32 had a few and Ryan on peg 20 was also catching so it wasn't all bad over that side.
I did manage a couple more out of the margin before the all-out but it never really lived up to expectations.
Rich next door had one on the all-out and provided a bit of comedy when he dropped his landing net and while retrieving it managed to get the hook off one of his other kits stuck in his hat and got in a bit of a pickle.
I was going to help him out but he'd got himself sorted by the time I'd stopped laughing at him!
My efforts went a total of 53-14 which was good enough for 5th place and one off the money but more importantly (for me) it meant another pound coin from Alan Healey and another lesson for 2-pegs Taynton who was well and truly "chip-shopped" as his other neighbour Matt "chatty-man" Challenger came 3rd with 85-1 caught mainly on paste down the edge, so I went home happy.
The match was won by Darren North with 96-2 all caught shallow with pellet and Chris Gay was one fish behind with 92-2
Mr Jones took fourth with 64-10 so the 2oz rudd I chucked back never cost me.
The silvers was won by Lee Waller on 29 with 7-13 of skimmers.
Ryan Radford was 2nd with 5-7 but wasn't in the pools allowing Simon Belcham to frame with 5-4 of whitebait by default.

Full Result:
  1. Darren North (14) ......... 96-14
  2. Chris Gay (13) ............. 92-2
  3. Matt Challenger (7) ...... 85-1
  4. Rich Jones (11) ........... 64-10
  5. Steve Burgess (10) ...... 53-14
  6. Ryan Radford (20) ....... 46-15
  7. 2 Pegs Taynton (8/9) .... 42-4
  8. Chris Szakacs (2) ......... 38-10
  9. Ron Hardiman (32) ....... 35-2
  10. Adam Caswell* (24) ...... 32-12
  11. Mark Radford (27) ........ 24-8
  12. Lee Waller (29) ............ 21-14
  13. Ross Baker (23) ........... 11-4
  14. Sim on Belcham (23) .... 5-4
  15. and 2 dnw's 
  1. Lee Waller (29) .......... 7-13
  2. Ryan Radford (20) ...... 5-7
  3. Simon Belcham (17) ... 5-4
  4. Ross Baker (23) ......... 4-4
Next week's adventure is on the new canal at Ivy House and it's a long while since we've been there so should be interesting.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Shiplate, Hawthorns & Westpool, 05 April (15 pegs)

The last match of the Psv season and my last match in command of proceedings saw 15 of us at Shiplate Fishery which was looking very attractive in the perfect Spring conditions which seemed a million miles away from the conditions we had last week at Viaduct which was more like an episode of Deadliest Catch so that was a relief.
Also fishing today (on the main lake) were the "cuddle club" which I'd never heard of before but apparently are Shiplate regulars and get there name from the fact that their matches are less concerned with the fishing as with the cuddles with fishery owner Carol, so I made sure I got mine in early before things got too messy!
Anyway, as we had both canals at our disposal, we had 8 on Hawthorns and 7 on Westpool paying out the top 2 overall, an overall Silvers and 2 sections.
And obviously an Easter Egg for all the framing places (thanks for the reminder Ron)
As ever, and perhaps for the last time, I had the last ticket from the Mr Potato-Head bucket which gave me 11 on Westpool which was probably the furthest I've been round that end.
Lee Williams had hung back to the end for the last-but-one and dug out 11 on Hawthorns which he wasn't overjoyed about but I would have been happy to have swapped.
And you can read all about that here
Adam Caswell had drawn the Golden Peg which was 15 on Hawthorns and that had won the midweek match, so that would be £62 rolling over to the next match!
Arriving at my peg I found I had Facebook legend and "tackle tart" Steve Sewell to my right on 9 who was keen to have a pound with me to try and recoup some of the cost of his shiny new Tourney Pro X, which I suspect is going to take a while as he also had a pound with Julian Nurse and he battered him senseless as well.
On my left, on pegs 12 and 13 was self-made millionaire Matt Taynton who, despite being a thoroughly nice bloke and all that, can be a nightmare to fish by as he is ruthlessly good at what he does and has on quite a few occasions given me a right proper hiding off the next peg.
Also present in my section were both generations of Radford, Mark on peg 7 and Ryan on 15 which looked to be the peg to beat.
At the other end were Lee Waller on 5 and Lionel Legge on 2.
And for added entertainment value we had several members of the "cuddle club" on the opposite bank (fishing the main lake) who kept us amused all day with their banter which seems to improve with age!
Fair play then to "George" wherever he was as he managed to land a twenty on silvers elastic without a pull bung which took him about 30 minutes and we had the benefit of a running commentary which was hilarious.
I don't think he caught much else, he was more knackered than the carp.
Anyway, back to today and I set up 3 rigs.
The first for 14m, bottom of the shelf in about 4ft of water with a .3gram pencil float on .15 mainline to a size 16 808 on 0.13
Next was a shallow rig for up on the far shelf which was on a long line to save putting my 16m section on and finally a rig to fish down the edge at topkit plus 2 seeing as I couldn't go much further along the edge as Matt "2 pegs" Taynton had already laid claim to that!
For bait I had a pint and half of red / white maggots that had spent the night in the freezer but had come back to life before the match even started, a tin of meat cut up to 6mm (leftovers from last week), 4mm pellet for feed and a handful of soft pellet just in case.
There was also a tin of corn in the bag just in case the soft pellet didn't work!
To kick off the proceedings I potted in a cup of 4mm's with a few bits of meat added, chucked a handful of maggots in the margin and pinged half a dozen pieces of meat over to the far side.
Starting on 14m with meat on the hook I didn't have to wait long for my first fish which impressed my Oap audience on the far bank.
Next put-in and after a few twitches the float buried and a much better fish was on .... but not for too long as the elastic gave way just above the connector which wasn't nice as it was a brand new float and rig that I'd made up the night before .... bugger!!
Luckily I had a backup rig ready and was back out again without too much drama.
The next bite produced a chub of just under a pound which was a bit of a suprise but apparently there are lots of them in all the lakes and they go up to 3lbs on the main lake.
Topping up with a small kinder pot of pellet / meat after every fish and lifting and dropping the rig regularly seemed to keep the fish coming at a reasonable rate and after an hour I had about 6 or 7 carp in the net so apart from the elastic mishap a good start for me.
Meanwhile it seemed Ryan had started well and was catching across to the far bank on the end peg and maybe had a few more than me, which he was denying (but I've learned the hard way never to believe anything from a Radford) and Lee Waller was also getting a few. 
My two neighbours were both struggling, Steve Sewell was digging around in his pockets for change after the first hour and Matt was not happy with me as he was asking what I was catching on and he didn't believe the answer.
Matt had struggled from the off and despite trying all around his peg(s) was only getting odd small silvers but I wasn't going to rub it in too much as I've fallen foul of Matt many times as he has a habit of turning things round dramatically in the later stages and it there was plenty of time to go.
By the halfway stage I'd added a few more carp including a couple of good sized lumps and a big skimmer around 2lbs but things were starting to slow up, the bites were getting finicky and I was missing more than I was hitting and foul-hooking a few.
So I cupped in some bait to get them back down and went across on the shallow rig, still with meat on the hook, to see if I could tempt some fish that were showing over there, especially the one that was towing my best float around.
First swing over resulted in a carp snatching the bait but I missed that one and spooked it, and a few of it's mates out of the peg.
So I dug out the 16m section and shortened the rig but after 5 minutes of plopping around nothing happened and I got the feeling those far bank fish weren't going to be easy targets so I gave that up .
I had an early look in my left margin to see if there was anything about but all that produced was a chub that coughed up most of the maggots I'd been throwing down there so I gave that up too.
But not before filling it in with a couple of handfuls of maggots as by now the end of Matt Taynton's pole was lurking around the same area and I wasn't intending to surrender without a fight but he was only getting odd silvers out so it seemed to be devoid of carp down there.
But he switched to his left margin and, as I had expected, started catching down there with worrying frequency.
Ryan meanwhile had run out of steam so it seemed like I was going to be ok as long as I kept a few more  coming in as Matt was now getting one a chuck but he had a lot of catching up to do.
Steve the owner made an appearance and reckoned Adam was doing well on Hawthorns (15) with about a dozen carp on paste of all things but I was confident I had more than that.
Back out at 14m and some fish had settled on the bait I'd potted in earlier and I had a good run with 4 or 5 on the trot and in the meantime I'd seen a bit of activity in my right margin which I'd been feeding with pellet as I was getting low on meat and maggots.
I spent the last 45 minutes down there hooking and losing a few but managed 2 or 3 out with the last one hooked just before the "all-out" so there was no need for injury time today!
We did our own weigh-in starting with Ryan on 15 and for once he hadn't been telling fibs and his nets went 48-10.
Matt's late charge gave him 63-10 which included 10-10 of silvers which wasn't bad seeing as he only caught for about two hours.
My collection of carp and accidentals went 74-13 so that was the section sorted as the next best was Lee Waller with 55-9.
Going round to Hawthorns and Adam on the golden peg had managed 61-9 so I was feeling quite pleased with myself until we got to the last but one weight which was Matt Challenger on peg 3 who then pissed on my fire and weighed in 80-9.
Matt caught all his fish on paste at 13m feeding a little bit of pellet through a kinder pot as he had left his pole cups at home!
So a good, close match with plenty caught all round and I went home with an Easter egg for the wife (and Carol got one too) and a full house of £1 side bets ... Happy days

Full Result:
  1. Matt Challenger  (H3) ........ 80-9
  2. Steve Burgess (W11) ........ 74-13
  3. Matt Taynton (W12 / 13) .... 63-10
  4. Adam Caswell (H15)* ........ 61-9
  5. Alan Healey (H7) .............. 59-7
  6. Lee Williams (H11) ........... 56-2
  7. Lee Waller (W5) ............... 55-9
  8. Darren North (H9) ............ 55-8
  9. Ryan Radford (W15) ......... 48-10
  10. Julian Nurse (H1) ............. 46-6
  11. Mark Radford (W7) ........... 33-0
  12. Lionel Legge (W2) ............ 26-12
  13. Steve Sewell (W9) ........... 23-13
  14. Mike Wilson (H13) ........... 19-0
  15. Adam Woodland (H5) ....... dnw

  1. Darren North ....... 11-8
  2. Matt Taynton ....... 10-10
  3. Mark Radford ....... 9-8
  4. Steve Burgess ...... 7-5
  5. Julian Nurse ......... 6-3
  6. Steve Sewell ........ 6-0
  7. Lionel Legge ........ 5-2
  8. Mike Wilson ......... 4-9
  9. Alan Healey ......... 3-15
  10. Matt Challenger .... 3-8
  11. Ryan Radford ....... 2-2
  12. Adam Caswell ...... 1-4
  13. Lee Waller ........... 1-3
  14. Lee Williams ........ 1-0

And finally, Alan Healey came back the next day to fish the Bank Holiday open, drew peg 1 and won the match with 106-6 winning £150 in the process but no Easter Egg .... Bugger!

Friday, 3 April 2015

Application Form

Job Title:  Bristol Psv Fishing Club Match Secretary

Full Time / part time (Job Share)
Hours: 8am - 12pm 7 days per week
Pay: £0 (plus bonuses)

The following qualities would be an advantage:

Thick skinned (very)
Good at Maths
Good at time keeping
Good telephone manner
Be able to remember names and numbers of people fishing off the top of your head at any time of day, even if you are 20 feet up a ladder.
Similarly be able to remember who is/isn't booked into matches for the next month at any time of day whatsoever.
Must be able to remember the match calendar off by heart
Be sober on Sunday mornings
Willing to take on board advice & criticisms from many other people
Must be able to peg out a lake without knowing how many are fishing
Must be able to inform fisheries how many are fishing a week in advance without actually knowing the numbers
Must be able to book up venues up to 2 years in advance and know whether they will fish any good or not in 2 years time
Must be able to shout "All In" very loudly so everyone can hear.
Must be able to shout "All Out" even louder so that Adam & Alan can hear.

If you think you have all these qualities please apply at The Midland Spinner on 
Tuesday 7 April

We welcome applications from all ethnic and religious backgrounds!

Viaduct, Campbell, 29 March

With gale force winds forecast this match was never going to be a showcase of angling skills but rather a case of drawing the right area and waiting for the tip to go round.
Not everyone's cup of tea but it was probably the most likely option to catch a few fish especially as we were now over a week into Viaduct's "pellet season".
But with two silvers payouts on offer there was still an opportunity for those that were brave enough to fish the pole to win a few notes.
The last ticket in the back of the van gave me 114 which was near enough in the right area but it was likely that the gale force winds churning up the water would spread the carp out a bit and that turned out to be the case.
Arriving at the peg it looked a bit daunting with the wind coming straight at me perched out on a platform that reminded me of sitting on the end of Weston pier in a hurricane!
I wasn't going to take any chances and set up just the tip rod and nothing else, so probably the quickest I've ever taken to get ready.
2 bags of 8mm pellet (although they looked more like 10's to me) and a tin of meat cut up that never got touched was all that was on the side tray.
My neighbours for the day were Ryan Radford on 113 and Adam Caswell on 115.
Adam, after his resounding win fishing the lead at Avalon a few weeks back was full of confidence and was keen to have a pound with me (which I kindly accepted) and oddly he also had a pound bet with Alan Healey that Darren North would beat him.
Adam, as well as setting up a lead rod, got his pole out and attempted to plumb up a rig in front of him at some ridiculous length before putting it all back away.
He does provide plenty of entertainment at times!
There's no point me going on too much about how the match went because, as expected, most fished the lead and most caught on it ... except Adam who got well and truly "chip-shopped" by myself and Steve O'Toole on 116.
Across the other side of the lake it was a similar story with Will Dearlove in 125 seeming to have the best of it early on, but Chris Szakacs on 123 turned the tables in the second half of the match.
Fishing the pole long into the corner with 8mm pellet Chris was on fire for the last couple of hours and was catching non stop.
To be honest, I was glad to see the match finish as even though I had caught a decent weight I'd had enough of the wind. I'd spent much of my day struggling with keeping my nets in the water, bait tubs on my tray and waiting for the wind to drop long enough either to cast a lead out or fire some pellets out.
And as for my attempts to light a cig up...
But that's my own fault but it won't be a problem for much longer as i am currently in the process of giving up the death sticks!!
Chris Gay in 132 had been relatively sheltered but had struggled to catch carp and instead had gone for the silvers.
Darren dnw'd in 131 (first of Adam's £'s gone) although Rich Jones then weighed in 120lbs off 130 but Alan had also struggled in 129 which was odd.
On our side of the lake Lionel Legge also dnw'd from 110, Derek Lucas found 102lbs from 111 but then Keith Ray struggled in 112 so almost a repeat of the opposite side.
The best weights though came from the top end and it ended up with 1 fish separating Chris and Will (123 & 125) with Chris taking the honours with 173-7 against Will's 170-1 but ....
Will had 10 fish in one net that went 82lbs which at Viaduct means the whole net gets disqualified, unfortunate but those are the rules.
Luckily for Will his revised weight of  88-1 was still good enough for a default section win.
3rd (2nd) went to Rocket Ron Hardiman with 120-13  from 127 closely followed by Rich Jones' 120lbs.
Top silvers went to Simon Belcham who top-kitted his way to 10-8, followed by Ron with 8-5 and Chris Gay's 7-4 which got him 2nd in the silvers pool by default.
A good days fishing then with seven weights over 100lbs but spoilt a bit by the weather conditions.

Full Result:
  1. Chris Szakacs (123) ........ 173-7
  2. Will Dearlove (125) ......... 170-1 (oops)!
  3. Ron Hardiman (127) ........ 120-13
  4. Rich Jones (130) ............ 120-0
  5. Steve O'Toole (116) ........ 117-4
  6. Lee Williams (119) ......... 108-10
  7. Derek Lucas (111) .......... 102-11
  8. Steve Burgess (114) ....... 96-6
  9. Will Dearlove (125) ......... 88-1
  10. Steve Sewell (124) ......... 85-10
  11. Ryan Radford (113) ........ 81-10
  12. Matt Taynton (117) ......... 71-12
  13. Mark Radford (126) ......... 60-11
  14. Adam Caswell (115) ........ 45-8
  15. Steve Wynne (128) ......... 41-8
  16. Alan Healey (129) ........... 35-8
  17. Keith Ray (112) .............. 33-1
  18. Chris Gay (132) .............. 30-6
  19. Simon Belcham (118) ...... 10-6
  20. and 2 dnw's

  1. Simon Belcham ....... 10-8
  2. Rocket Ron ............ 8-5
  3. Chris Gay .............. 7-4
  4. Mark Radford ......... 6-12
  5. Will Dearlove ......... 5-0
  6. Steve Wynne ......... 4-8
  7. Keith Ray .............. 4-1
  8. Steve Burgess ....... 3-0½
  9. Alan Healey .......... 3-0
  10. Rich Jones ............ 2-4
  11. Derek Lucas .......... 2-3
  12. Lee Williams .......... 0-4 (estimated)

Our next match is at Shiplate and we have both canals. So still some places available.
Don't forget Tuesday is AGM night at the Spinner and after that I won't be dealing with match bookings or memberships
See you there!