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Sunday, 22 April 2012

May Meeting

There wont be a meeting on the 1st so if anyone wants to book in for Avalon on 6th May text or ring me on 07583295430 after Wednesday 3rd when I'm back from my hols or book in with whoever is running the Sedges match next Sunday.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Viaduct, Campbell, 08 April (22 pegs)

Some would say that chucking out a lead and firing pellets until the tip wraps round is not "proper" fishing however the whole idea behind match fishing is to catch more than the people around you and, ideally, everyone else on the venue.
And to achieve this you need to make the best choices of bait, methods and tactics on the day (and draw on some fish of course).
So despite the mutterings from the "tip knockers" all four top weights were caught on the straight lead and pellet.
Top honours went to Rich Britton on peg 117 with an impressive weight of 166lbs 3oz followed by Will Dearlove with 138-1 from 118 and Mark Radford with 100-5 from form peg 119.  Away from the top right corner Steve Burgess on 113 took fourth place with 99-7 despite not fancying his chances at the start.  And top of the "proper" anglers, in 132, was Adam Caswell with 79-11.  Adam did admit to losing 20 fish so in reality a good angler in his peg  may well have won the match using "proper" tactics!
Top silvers went the way of Brian Shanks on 125 with 43-1 of skimmers caught on pellet at 4m followed by newcomer Colin Ellaway on 131 with 26-10 caught on maggot.

Full Result:
  1. Rich Britton ... peg 117 ... 166-3
  2. Will Dearlove .... 118 ... 138-1
  3. Mark Radford .... 119 ... 100-5
  4. Steve Burgess ... 113 ... 99-7
  5. Adam Caswell ... 132 ... 79-11
  6. Kev Jefferies ..... 126 ... 71-14
  7. Paul Reed ......... 110 ... 71-5
  8. Simon Belcham .. 124 ... 68-11
  9. Matt Williams .... 127 ... 68-1
  10. Chris Szakacs .... 130 ... 65-14
  11. Ron Hardiman .... 123 ... 65-7
  12. Keith Ray ........... 128 ... 64-10
  13. Brian Shanks ...... 125 ... 59-5
  14. Neil Mercer ........ 129 ... 55-3
  15. Chris Gay .......... 115 ... 38-0
  16. Alan Healy ......... 114 ... 34-15
  17. Darren North ...... 116 ... 32-13
  18. Pete Uzzell ......... 112 ... 31-2
  19. Colin Ellaway ...... 131 ... 26-10
  20. Mike Welling ....... 111 ... 25-3
  1. Brian Shanks ... 43-1
  2. Colin Ellaway ... 26-10
  3. Simon Belcham ... 19-2
  4. Alan Healy ...... 17-13 (after a reluctant trip to the shop for maggots)
  5. Neil Mercer ....  14-5
  6. Adam Caswell ... 10-10

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Agm and Other Stuff

Thankyou to everyone who turned up for the meeting and Agm on Tuesday.  It was refreshing to see  another excellent turnout which resulted in most of this month's matches being booked up on the night.
And thanks to everyone who have supported the club throughout the season especially those who turn out week in and week out on sunday mornings when most sane people would be happily tucked up in a nice warm bed looking forward to a Sunday dinner and an afternoon of tv in front of the fire!
Thankyou also to everyone who has lent a hand on matchdays when things have gone a bit "tits-up"!
After fifteen years in charge of the club (and fourteen threatening to pack it in) our chairman, Mike Wilson, has finally called it a day and stepped back.
Psv's new Chairman is ............... ME (no surprise there then)! Alan Healy has kindly offered to carry on in his position as vice-chairman and Mike has decided to remain as club treasurer seeing as his name is on the account.  For the time being I will carry on as Match Secretary.
I would like to thank Mike for all the hard work he has put into running the club over the years which I know is a view shared by all members of the club and I fully intend to carry the club on in the same friendly (not too serious) fashion that he has always maintained.
Well done to Alan Healy who absolutely decimated the overall league for the season plus the winter league and every other kind of league we have! However, I have a suspicion that his dominance will be put to the test this season by some of the club's new blood (Will)!!
I will endeavor to put up the full league tables as soon as poss which in my world means sometime between now and the end of next season!

Other Stuff

Due to popular demand I have booked a match at Rood Ashton (10 June) and I will soon be sorting out the venues for next year so if anyone has any strong likes or dislikes please let me know as soon as possible before we end up with 25 matches at Sedges and 26 at Trinity!
The weekend away at Holgan Farm is pretty much finalized so if anyone fancies it it's now or never but I can say for definite it will be a weekend to remember so miss out at your peril (you only live once)

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Walters Lake, Green, April fool's Special (18 pegs)

The previous day's match on the Blue and White pegs had seen record weights come out with the top weight just under 300lbs and most anglers weighing over 100lbs.  This fact combined with a frost meant the whole fishery was having an off day which was a shame as it was our first club match here and it seems like a well run outfit with plenty of fish and a good on site cafe which is always a plus.
For those who don't know it, the fishery itself is laid out as four connected canals in a sort of "w" shape  each with 18 to 20 pegs,  red is nearest the cafe, blue and white are back to back in the middle and green is the furthest away.  Carp dominate but there are also plenty of skimmers, bigger bream and tench for Bob (I don't fish for silvers) Warren to accidentally catch.
A few stray fish made an appearance early on but the excitement was short-lived for most with only a handful of pegs producing anything of note.
Walters is typical of this type of venue in that the end pegs are fliers, as are any pegs with island gaps.
Will Dearlove had the good fortune to draw peg one which seemed to be one place that the fish were more than happy to oblige.  Will fished 16m with meat for 5½ hours easily winning the match with 84lbs 13oz.  He spent the other 30 minutes of his match trying to retrieve 13m of his pole which a particularly clever carp managed to unship by itself and tow up and down the lake.  It wasn't that intelligent though as it was still hooked when Will (or father-in-law Keith) managed to rescue the pole with a handy rowing boat.  I'm not sure whether he weighed the fish in although, unless it was over 30lbs it wouldn't have made any difference to the result anyway!
Second best on the day was toy dog lover, Chris Gay on peg 3 with 54-10 caught on pellet at 16m followed by Derek Lucas on 15 (must have been some fish in that peg) with 38-2 caught in a similar fashion.  Derek fed 6 pints of pellet of which 5½ was eaten by two swans who both had a good day despite being savagely beaten by a landing net handle!

Full Result:
  1. Will Dearlove .... peg 1 ... 84-13
  2. Chris Gay ............ 3 ...... 54-10
  3. Derek Lucas ........ 15 ..... 38-2
  4. Bob Warren .......... 5 ...... 31-0
  5. Chris Szakacs ....... 8 ...... 30-1
  6. Alan Healy ........... 10 ..... 26-11
  7. Simon Belcham ..... 2 ...... 22-9
  8. Mark Radford ........ 16 .... 21-14
  9. Kev Jefferies ......... 12 .... 19-1
  10. Colin Butler .......... 4 ...... 19-0
  11. Darren North ........ 9 ...... 16-7
  12. Rich Britton ......... 13 ..... 15-2 
  13. Keith Ray ............ 7 ....... 10-10 
Silvers: (for what it was worth)!
  1. Simon Belcham ..... 7-3
  2. Rich Britton .......... 3-0
  3. Chris Gay ............. 1-13
  4. Bob Warren / Colin Butler ... 1-7