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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

match calender 2016

 PSV Match Fishing Calendar 2016
Date  Venue Date  Venue
January  July 
3rd 3rd Viaduct Campbell
10th Sedges Tile 10th Sedges Brick
17th Shiplate Main 17th Shiplate Hawthorne
24th Harescombe 24th Landsend Lake 3
31st   31st Boddington Reservoir 
February August
7th Sedges Tile 7th Viaduct Campbell
14th Landsend Match 14th Todbar Manor Hillview Lake
21st Viaduct Lodge 21st Sedges Tile
28th Shiplate Main 26th - 28th Harescombe/ Stafford Moor Festival
March  September
6th Staunton Court 4th  
13th Viaduct Campbell 11th Viaduct Campbell
20th Sedges Tile 18th Landsend match
27th Trinity - Half Lake 25th Sedges Brick
April  October
3rd Harescombe 2nd Shiplate Main 
10th Landsend Match 9th Viaduct Campbell
17th Sedges Brick 16th Trinity Half Lake
24th Shiplate Hawthorne 23rd Landsend Speci
  30th Harescombe
May  November
1st Viaduct Campbell 6th Viaduct Lodge
8th Leechpool Farm 13th
15th Harescombe 20th Sedges Tile
22nd Trinity Half Lake 27th Shiplate Main
29th Sedges Brick
June  December
5th Rood Ashton 4th
12th Viaduct Cary 11th Acorn - Xmas
19th Landsend Match 18th
26th Leechpool Farm  
PSV have decided to change the format of matches for 2016.
An all winners and silvers final will now take place towards the end of the year following 
qualifying rounds throughout the year. 
The winner of the All winners final and Silvers will get a PSV cheque for £100, a shiny 
trophy along with membership for the following year.
Win a PSV match or the silvers to qualify
Attend 50% of the matches up until the finals 
Members only
12 qualifying places available
PSV & fishery rules will apply
Qualifying rounds will be held in conjunction with the standard matches
Any qualifying spaces not taken for either final will be allocated to the next best placed 
angler who has not qualifed.
All Winners Final:
First round will be at Harescombe on the 3rd April 2016 and the last round will be at
Harescombe on the 28th August 2016. 
(there are 21 qualifying rounds to obtain 12 different finalists)
The final will be held at Viaduct Campbells on the 11 September 2016
Silvers Winners Final:
First round will be at Sedges Tile on the 10th January 2016 and the last round will be
at Harescombe on the 28th August 2016. 
(there are 33 qualifying rounds to obtain 12 different finalists)
The final will be held at Sedges Brick on the 25 September 2016

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas match details

Its that time of year again folks, the christmas match which this year is at windmill fishery. The Midland Spinner has kindly offered to put on breakfast for us so could everyone be there for between 7.30-7.45, we will also be having the draw at the pub.

After the match in the evening it should be back to the pub for prizes drinks etc, the fishery isnt fishing to bad so baring a total weather disaster it should be a half decent match with everyone having a few bites.

Fancy dress is optional but Santa (lee Waller), scrooge (mike wilson), the grinch (Darren North).......and the sugar plum fairy (Steve Burgess) will be in attendance.

Well all that leaves is to wish everyone in the club and anyone who reads this nonsense a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Look forward to another good one in 2016!