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Monday, 7 September 2009

New Match Dates for January & Feb!

  • January 17, Landsend (Specimen Lake)
  • January 24, Sedges (Tile Lake)
  • Febuary 7, Viaduct (Match Lake)
  • Febuary 21, Burley Fields


  1. its my first visit to the website.very impressed.however is this the clubs site or the steve burgess admiration society?.
    also do you where pink to show off your tan or are you just gay.
    can we have more information as to how the worminator continues to catch so many silvers.some superb pics and an article writtain by the star himself would be advantagious to us all.
    p.s.won my section at the acl on sun. fishing?...youv;e guessed.worm

  2. Thank you for your positive comments Worminator and congratulations on your section win in the ACL. No doubt you celebrated with one or two sherberts in The Spinner!
    It would be nice to see you show your face at a few more club matches where perhaps you could enlighten us on your impressive silver bashing skills.
    And no, I'm not gay, so better luck elsewhere (try The Queen's Shilling in town)