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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Avalon, 24 October (8 pegs)

Drawn on unfancied peg 16, Psv's match secretary, Steve Burgess, had his work cut out from the start, especially when it looked like it was going to be a day spent on the tip (not one of his favourite methods). And things looked even worse after ten minutes on the maggot feeder produced nothing more than a rig trashed in the island undergrowth. However, a switch to corn on the hook produced three carp and a reasonable skimmer in quick succession before the swim died prompting a look on the pole line, fed at the start with groundbait and micros. This only produced one small skimmer and a rogue carp on double red maggot before the micro roach became too much of a problem.
The rest of the match was spent on the straight lead with a hair-rigged 8mm banded pellet and 6mm's pinged over the top, and by casting to different spots around the island another five carp were added resulting in a comfortable win with 54lbs 15oz and yet another pound off Alan Healy.
On the opposite end of the match length (peg 1), Darren North managed a late run to take second place with 23-9 ahead of Mike Smith on peg 3 whose pole and meat tactics produced 18-12 which included a double-figure "lump" and ensured top spot in the Summer League ahead of Alan Healy by just 2 points.
For the rest of the field it was extremely hard going; Docks legend, Ade Crawley could only manage 5lbs 4oz although, for once, this wasn't the lowest weight in the match, that honour fell to ex spitfire pilot Derek Lucas, who weighed in a pathetic 3lbs 9oz!

Full Result:
  1. Steve Burgess .. peg 16 .. 54-15
  2. Darren North ....... 1 ....... 23-9
  3. Mike Smith .......... 3 ...... 18-12
  4. Alan Healy ........... 9 ...... 12-8
  5. Bob Warren .......... 5 ...... 11-9
  6. Paul Reed ............ 7 ....... 8-7
  7. Ade Crawley ........ 13 ...... 5-4
  8. Derek Lucas ........ 11 ...... 3-9
Total Match Weight = 138lbs 9oz
Average weight = 17lbs


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