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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Latest Club News

Unfortunately a couple of weeks ago our most senior member Bob Warren suffered a stroke which for anyone who hasn't had the experience isn't very pleasant.  Apparently it was brought on when he went to buy his morning paper and was told that they no longer accept £1 notes. The good news is that he will be expected to make a reasonable recovery and the insurance should cover his cancelled Tenerife holiday although his doctor has told him he won't be able to drive except maybe to Acorn on Thursdays (no change there) and that when he does get back fishing he will be limited to pegs with a decent chance of picking up the silvers money (no change there either).
Seriously though, get well soon Bob!
Meanwhile there are a few places left for this Sunday at Trinity, the week after at Shiplate is fully booked but there are places left for Scary Cary on 3rd June.
Anyone wanting to book in (or out) give me a ring on the usual number(s) or better still, leave me a text as I'm less likely to forget something in writing!
If you can't make a match and want to book out please let me know as soon as you can as I'm not too good with paperwork on Saturday nights but I do try my best.
Next club meeting should be 5th June* which is also a bank holiday for the Queen's diamond jubilee so we may have to rethink that one and perhaps put it back to the following Tuesday.
*Meeting will be Tuesday 12th June


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