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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Viaduct, Cary, 03 June (15 pegs)

On the right day Cary can provide some excellent fishing and huge weights however it's not as consistent as Campbell and does seem to suffer from off-days when the fish aren't interested and unfortunately today seemed to be one of those days where the fish were reluctant to settle and no one method seemed to keep the fish coming.
Rich Britton, on peg 90, made the best of it and continued his winning ways starting off with the pellet waggler and later switching to straight lead with banded 8mm  for 72lbs 8oz.


Mike Smith on peg 80, although struggling to begin with, managed to string a few fish together fishing paste long up the edge of the spit for second with 64-2, just scraping ahead of Alan Healy on peg 94.  The Knowle West part-time pheasant beater opted for a "catch anything" approach with soft pellet on the hook which gave him third place with 62-4 which included 18-1 of silvers which was the best silvers weight of the day.
As a result Mark Radford made a rare appearance in the frame taking 4th overall (3rd by default) with a paste caught 59-8 from peg 97 and Will Dearlove completed the frame with 45-7 from peg 96 despite breaking a pole section and his new Airity landing net handle so I doubt his $20 winnings (sorry US laptop) made much impact on the cost of his day out!
On a lighter note, it was great to see Bob Warren back on the bank following his recent stroke. As expected he received no sympathy whatsoever from Tony Rixon in Shipham cafe or from anyone else for that matter!  He was offered the choice of a short walk to an early peg but chose instead to take his chances in the draw bag in search of silvers glory, but despite drawing peg 81 on the spit and getting a few pointers from silverfish guru, Mike Nicholls he could only manage a total of 14-4 including  8-3 of silvers for nowhere and no coin.  All being well though, he will soon be back on form and mugging his fellow pensioners at Acorn and Hunstrete.
And if anyone was wondering why in the picture Rich Britton isn't on peg 90 it's because I dug the picture up via google and it's a few years old from back in his Raglan days when he was only going a little bit thin on the top!

Overall Result:
  1. Rich Britton (peg 90) ........ 72-8
  2. Mike Smith (80) ............ 64-2
  3. Alan Healy (94) ............. 62-4
  4. Mark Radford (97) ......... 59-8
  5. Will Dearlove (96) ......... 45-7
  6. Steve Burgess (105) ....... 37-14
  7. Adam Caswell (99) ........ 37-6
  8. Paul Reed (85) ............... 16-7
  9. Mike Welling (86) ......... 15-5
  10. Bob Warren (81) ............ 14-4
  11. Stewart Riddle (88) ........ 11-9
  12. Ryan Radford (78) ......... 9-5
  13. Darren North* / Keith Ray / Lionel Legge .... chucked back!
*golden peg

  1. Alan Healy ....... 18-1
  2. Stewart Riddle .... 11-9
  3. Bob Warren ........ 8-3


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