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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Trinity, Woodlands, 22 July (11½ pegs)

Originally there were sixteen booked in for this match which was an ideal number however, by Saturday that number had dwindled to 9 but was boosted up to 11 by a couple of new members. Last week there were just ten at Landsend, not great numbers by any means and makes it difficult to book venues for a year in advance when you have no idea how many you are going to have until the day before the match (or even at 8:45 on Sunday morning in some cases)!
Anyway, at least the sun was shining (for once) and a gentle breeze on the lake promised some decent tans and maybe a few fish.
Rich Jones made the best of it with an almost identical performance to the last time he fished Trinity back at the end of May when he came second with 86-14 from peg 33 fishing corn down the edge.  This time he was on peg 31 and finished up with 96lbs 2oz caught on ...... corn down the edge!
Darren North gave him a good run for his money though, just one fish behind with 90lbs exactly from peg 4.  Darren fished pellet shallow at 5m.
Third place went to Stevie Wynne (below) with 76-13 from peg 7 caught shallow at 13m and down the edge under the tree at 5m.
Part of Stevie Wynne's 3rd place catch, the t-shirt is wishful thinking!
Fourth place for the second week running went to Steve Burgess on peg 27 with 72-13 caught on pellet, shallow at 14m and later on the waggler fished 3 feet deep over the pole line.  This included the top accidental silvers weight of 13-7 consisting mostly of chunky roach plus a couple of slimy green things which all took a fancy to banded 8mm pellets.
Entertainment today was provided by Stevie Wynne who can usually be relied upon to break something, this week it was his topkit which gave up the ghost on his last fish of the day.  Colin Ellaway impressed his neighbours by growing a sixth finger after pulling for a break on a snagged rig and spearing his hand.
And Mike Smith entertained his neighbours with a very poor attempt at singing!
If you were wondering why the title of this post says 11½ pegs, the "½" refers to Derek's grandson Wayne who pleasure-fished next to grandad. Wayne caught 2lb 9oz of silvers on maggot but numbers-wise had more fish than everyone else combined (they weren't that big)!
I did manage to get a good picture of Rich Jones with his winning net but somehow during the excitement of the weigh-in it must have deleted itself from my phone, and seeing as Darren was a little bit put out that I never took his picture I've dug this one out from under my pillow.
One for the ladies!
Overall Result:
  1. Rich Jones ...... (peg 31) ... 96-2
  2. Darren North ...... (4) ... 90-0
  3. Stevie Wynne ..... (7) ... 76-13
  4. Steve Burgess* ... (27) ... 72-13
  5. Derek Lucas ....... (13) ... 51-14
  6. Matt Tainton ...... (25) .... 46-9
  7. Colin Ellaway ..... (22) .... 46-0
  8. Dominic Ellaway ... (9) .... 40-3
  9. Paul Reed .......... (11) ... 38-14
  10. Mike Smith ......... (20) ... 36-5
  11. Lionel Legge ....... (29) ... dnw
*golden peg

  1. Steve Burgess ...... 13-7
  2. Dominic Ellaway .... 12-7
  3. Mike Smith .......... 8-13
  4. Colin Ellaway ....... 7-10
  5. Matt Tainton ........ 7-5
  6. Darren North ....... 4-5
  7. Rich Jones ........... 4-0
  8. Derek Lucas ........ 3-13
  9. Paul Reed ........... 3-12


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