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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Landsend, Match Lake, 5 May (13 pegs)

Apologies for the slight delay with this update but I've been a bit busy this week what with moving house and fitting in a bit of work abroad etc but I finally managed a spare five minutes to think of something to write!

At long last, after what seems like months of crappy weather, we were blessed with a glorious day (the warmest of the year so far) with wall to wall sunshine and hardly any wind.
We were also blessed with the Match lake plus the back bank of Specimen lake if we needed it but the numbers which at one point in the week had hit 17 ended up at only 13 which fits comfortably on the one lake.
The match on the Saturday had been won by Landsend superstar Trigger with (I think) 198lbs from peg 19 caught on meat at 5m and there were plenty of weights over the ton so we weren't too sure if the lake would fish too well.
The good news for Darren North was that he had the dubious pleasure of following in Trigger's footsteps on 19.  The bad news however, was that he had the Westerleigh Mugger opposite him on peg 6 and his accomplice, Rocket Ron Hardiman next door on 21.
I might add at this point that the Landsend superstar had also recently won off peg 11 which was where I had drawn (again) but there's not a lot else to say about that!
Brian spent most of the day fishing banded pellet to the island shelf at 14m to win convincingly with 181lbs 15oz which also included the best silvers weight of the day with 21-12 of accidentals.  And making it a clean sweep for the Westerleigh fishing bus, Rocket Ron took second spot with 124lbs exactly caught on pellet and meat rotating around the peg, which means I'm not entirely sure how and what he caught on but "rotating around his peg" should cover most things in the same way that "sunshine and occasional showers" covers the weather forecast.
In the meantime, Mark Radford had drawn peg 1 and spent a fair while crying about how this peg used to be the best peg on the lake but wasn't any good now since the bankside cover had been cleared took third place an ounce shy of Rocket Ron's weight with 123-15 (and his brother-in-law was on the scales).
Mark caught "Trigger style", mugging cruisers and later down the edge (yes, where the bankside cover has been cleared) and needless to say has now changed his opinion of peg 1.
Fourth place went to the Knowle West pikey / pheasant beater, Alan Healy on his favourite peg (15) with 101-5.
Silvers, as already mentioned, went to Mugger Shanks with 21-12 of accidentals followed by Richard Jones with 16-0 caught on meat short.
As for myself on peg 11, I spent a great deal of the match hooking and playing fish but unfortunately most of them were hooked up the wrong-un so a lesson was learned and in future I won't be spending six hours trying to catch mud-suckers in six inches of water!
Next week is at Shiplate on the canal(s) so that will probably mean no lead-chucking and therefore a bit of a wait for the next update (if the rumours are true).

Full Result:

  1. Mugger Shanks (peg 6) ...... 181-15
  2. Rocket Ron Hardiman (21) .. 124-0
  3. Mark Radford (1) .......... 123-15
  4. Alan Healy (15) ............ 101-5
  5. Simon Belcham (24) ...... 64-7
  6. Darren North (19) ......... 58-8
  7. Chris Szakacs (5) .......... 57-13
  8. Richard Jones (8) .......... 57-0
  9. Paul Reed (17) ............. 46-8
  10. Ryan Radford (22) ........ 43-9
  11. Steve Burgess (11) ....... 39-0
  12. Adam Caswell (3) ......... 31-0
  13. Steve Wynne (13) ........ 29-9
  1. Mugger Shanks ...... 21-12
  2. Rich Jones .......... 16-0
  3. Simon Belcham ... 14-0
  4. Ryan Radford ...... 11-9
  5. Alan Healy .......... 11-5
  6. Adam Caswell ...... 8-8
  7. Steve Burgess ..... 8-7


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