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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Landsend, John's Lake, 11 August (11 pegs)

Only 11 fishing today so plenty of room for everyone but the downside was there would only be one payout in the silvers.  This wasn't too much of a problem however, as nobody was actually fishing for them, I think Alan Healy may have spent some time targeting silvers but never made a very good job of it but then he never made a very good job of fishing for the carp either!
Pete Uzzell had a flying start in corner peg 41 catching two fish almost straight away on caster as did his opposite number Ryan Radford in 70.
But the winner by a long way was the Westerleigh pools rapist, Brian Shanks with 120-11 from peg 61, which was just short of Mike Duckett's ambitious forecast of what would be required to win (130lbs).  Obviously Mike has never fished a psv match as Brian's nearest rival (Ryan Radford) was 54lbs short of his weight with a far more realistic 64-11.
For the record Brian caught mainly on meat on his topkit plus one section straight out in front and not one single pellet was used in anger.  Brian got through 1½ tins of meat and probably would have caught a lot more if he had spent another pound on an extra tin (he sold the other ½ tin to Ron in exchange for use of his meat-cutter).
As at his previous landslide victory at Landsend Brian also won the silvers with an impressive 5lbs of accidental crucians which meant Mark Radford picked up the silvers money by default with 4-11 from peg 46 (awesome)!
I won't bore anybody with the details of my miserable performance although it wasn't bad enough to stop me taking another pound off Alan Healy which seems to be getting easier each week.
Walking back past Tony's match on Match Lake I couldn't see any pole elastic or hear any splashing (or any noise at all for that matter), just quite a few very serious looking faces so it will be interesting to see how they got on when Tony eventually gets round to updating his blog!

..... Well it seems I jumped the gun a bit there as there were 10 weights over 100lbs in Tony's match so I guess we are crap after all.  Perhaps I should leave it a week or so to update this blog in future, but last night when I got home I had the house to myself and a bit of peace and quiet to get on with it so Tony's comment (below) isn't too far from the truth.

Full Result:
  1. Brian Shanks (peg 61) .... 120-11
  2. Ryan Radford (70) .......... 64-11
  3. Will Dearlove (50) .......... 57-10
  4. Pete Uzzell (41) ............. 54-0
  5. Mark Radford (46) .......... 46-10
  6. Adam Caswell (58) ......... 43-13
  7. Steve Burgess (68) ........ 36-11
  8. Rocket Ron* (51) .......... 30-13
  9. Alan Healy (42) ............ 30-10
  10. Garth Creese** (55) ..... 16-5
  11. Derek Lucas (65) .......... 11-0
*golden peg
**silver peg


  1. You are quick with this one, your. Wife must be away so you can get on the computer

  2. You are quick with this one, your. Wife must be away so you can get on the computer