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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Important Update!

Please note that for the foreseeable future the venue for our monthly meetings and the Christmas festivities has been changed to The Horseshoe at Siston Common. I hope this doesn't cause a problem for anyone but the Midland Spinner has had some "reliability problems" of late and the manager at The Horseshoe has assured me we will be well looked after so I'm happy with that.
(And it's within falling distance from my front door)!
If anyone has a problem with this please let me know.
Last Sundays match was scheduled for Landsend Match Lake but due to low numbers Mike thought it would be better to have it on the Speci Lake as he reckoned the Match Lake would fish crap with too much space for the fish to hide in.
As far as I'm concerned nobody knows a fishery better than it's owner so I was happy to go along with that, especially as I wasn't fishing it anyway.
I haven't seen the full result as yet but it was a repeat of the previous result at Harescombe with Chris (corner peg) Szakacs taking top honours from peg 33 with 127lbs ish and Lionel Legge taking second with 80ish from peg 31.
Thanks to Simon Belcham for reprising his role as match organiser for the day although I suspect he secretly enjoyed it.
I will put the results up as soon as I get them back.
And finally for those who are missing Roy Garland's weekly fishing page in the Evening Post (apparently the powers-that-be decided there wasn't enough space in the paper or enough demand for it), Roy has created a new website.
The address for it is

And even more finally some of you may be wondering why I wasn't fishing Sunday so wonder no more!
I managed to invite myself to an end of series match at Rolfs Lake in Oxford.
As a first timer at the venue I was the butt of much abuse (nothing new there) and was expecting to be going home with my tail between my legs and my pole in a million pieces but it didn't quote turn out as bad as that as I drew peg 2 ( a corner as peg 3 is redundant) and with all my elastics tightened up enough to play tunes on them I managed 9 carp for 86-ish and even managed to pick up second in my section albeit by default.
My last fish swam behind the keepnets and after a bit of comedy I managed to thread the topkit behind and it was still on but despite much pulling I couldn't get it's head up and the hook pulled out which was a shame as it was well over 20lbs and would have won me the section and got me 3rd but I guess nobody ever won anything with lost fish and if that was the case Adam Caswell would win every Psv match!


  1. not a bad weight steve, wrong corner however as really need 38 or 34 in the small lake, only really get the residents in the top corner which usually fishes best up to the left margin into peg 3 or circa 5 metres but they are big as you found out. Any chances of a PSV match at Rolfs ?

  2. Bit too far to go I reckon Will

  3. dont no how im going to get there prob have to take my bike si