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Monday, 25 November 2013

2014 Match Calendar

Not fully complete as there are a couple of empty dates, and I will be sorting out the weekend away in September over the Christmas holidays.


  1. Nice bunch of fixtures matey.
    There are a few up round Bristol you could try? Bitterwell? Windmill? none up Ridgway/Walters?!!

  2. We haven't had much luck at Ridgeway Lee. I think it's a good venue but we've not hit it on a good day so I dont expect we'd have much interest. I'm giving Hillview another go this year instead. As for Windmill, I'm waiting for the fishing to improve there (which it will in time) and the "new look" Bitterwell was too late for this year's calendar although I have a couple of free days so it could be a possibility.