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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas Match Details

As it stands at the moment we have 16 booked in for Saturday, it could be 17 but even with the best will in the world I don't think one day will be enough to recover from double laser eye surgery to be able to spend five hours staring at a float tip, even if it is the current superstar of Acorn!
So based on that the arrangements are as follows:
Draw at 9 or sooner
Fish from when I'm ready (as normal)
Finish at 3 or when I get my last fish on (whichever is later)
Peg fees will be covered by the club.
Pools £15 plus optional £5 Silvers Pool
Payout will be overall winner £80 plus 4x sections of £40
The winner will also qualify for a free membership.
Results, Payouts and Prizes will be at The Horseshoe, Siston Common
As discussed and agreed many months ago the prizes will be drawn instead of what we have done before with the prizes going in order of the results sheet.
Please feel free to come along on the evening as the wife will have spent all day Saturday preparing the buffet and I'd hate to see it wasted on the "pond life" of Kingswood that frequent the Horseshoe!
If anyone isn't happy with any of the above let me know otherwise, see you on Saturday.
And by the way, "having to go to a Baby Shower" is without a shadow of doubt, the most pitiful excuse I've ever heard for missing a match!

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  1. Think there should be a rule banning this sort of behavour