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Saturday, 11 October 2014

October Newsletter

Thought I'd try something a bit different and post up some of the highlights from last Tuesday's meeting for the benefit of those who were too busy with work or too ill to make it.

So matches this month are: Harescombe this Sunday for which there are plenty of spaces left for anyone who fancies a trip up North where everyone is guaranteed a few fish.

The following Sunday (19 Oct) we are at Shiplate on Hawthorns only and this one is now fully booked so if you want to fish that one you will have to go on the reserve list and I can phone you on the Sunday morning if anyone doesn't turn up!

After that is Viaduct on Campbell (26 Oct) for which there are still some spaces but not many

And then finally we are at Landsend (2 Nov), plenty of spaces for that one at the moment.

The leaderboard for the season so far is as follows:

Year Totals:
  1. Mark Radford (477pts)  1,415lbs 13oz
  2. Brian Shanks (439)  1,439lbs 10oz
  3. Steve Burgess (354)  1,002lbs 3oz
  4. Ryan Radford (354)  977lbs 11oz
  5. Alan Healey (336)  843lbs 7oz
  6. Ron Hardiman (331)  1,148lbs 10oz
  7. Chris Szakacs (315)  954lbs 5oz
  8. Adam caswell (284)  731lbs 12oz
  9. Lee Williams (274)  883lbs 6oz
  10. Chris Gay (273)  864lbs 5oz

Summer Series:

  1. Mark Radford (214)  685lbs 0oz
  2. Steve Burgess (166)  500lbs 3oz
  3. Chris Szakacs (153)  504lbs 10oz
  4. Chris Davis (147)  694lbs 15oz
  5. Alan Healey (143)  382lbs 10oz
  6. Ryan Radford (140)  405lbs 4oz
  7. Lee Williams (139)  480lbs 1oz
  8. Adam Caswell (139)  349lbs 8oz
  9. Chris Gay (132)  541lbs 1oz
  10. Ron Hardiman (118)  430lbs 10oz

Those of you that are good with figures may have noticed that these are slightly different from the figures quoted by myself at the meeting.
The reason being that I had missed a match out from my Excel spreadsheet from back in June which explains why I'm not an accountant or have never worked in a bank!

A few other points were raised at the meeting;
  • Regarding the Christmas match at Bitterwell Lake on 7 Dec.
This year the club will be paying for the prizes and peg fees (and hopefully the buffet) so it was agreed that the pools on the day will be £15.
However (the important bit), this needs to be paid upfront at or before the November meeting.
The reason for this is to avoid a headache for whoever has the honour of sorting out the prizes.
The evening presentation and buffet will be conducted at The Midland Spinner in Warmley which  conveniently brings me on to the next point ....
  • Change of Venue for the monthly meetings
A vote was taken and it was decided that we will be holding future meetings at The Midland Spinner which is now under new management and being run by a Michelin starred chef who will be happy to provide canapes etc.
There was 1 vote against the change of venue (wonder who that was)!

  • It was also discussed about not having a meeting every month through the winter.

  • And finally I have decided to resign my position as Match Secretary after this season and let someone else have a go.


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