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Monday, 3 November 2014

November Meeting Venue Change

Just a reminder that tomorrow's meeting is at The Midland Spinner (not The Horseshoe) and is your last chance to book into the Christmas Match so don't forget to bring your £15 pools if you haven't paid already.

And as a special treat, this year the club will be paying for the prizes and peg fees so your £15 will cover everything ... aren't we nice!

Matches to book into this month are:

09 November,  Wildmarsh 
16 November,  Sedges, Tile
23 November,   Shiplate, Main Lake
(no match on the 30th)
When I booked these matches up last year I was expecting it to be a bit colder than it has been and and the carp to have gone a bit quiet, so these venues were booked with Silvers in mind.
As Stevie Wynne once famously said ... "It's not all about catching f***ing carp"!  - wise words.

So why not show a bit of willing and scale your rigs down, put the power tops away and pit your wits against some silvers for a change ... go on Rodney, you know it makes sense!


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