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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Sedges, Tile Lake, 11 Jan (15 pegs)

Back again to Tile lake at Sedges for our first match of the year as it's always good for a few bites especially when a lot of other venues have gotten a bit challenging.
Plus its a venue I really like (which helps)!
So with this being my last year in charge of the fixture list (yes I know I'll be sadly missed lol) I suspect we'll be fishing a few more matches there yet.
Anyway, it was a relief to find the gale force winds we'd had over Friday night and into Saturday morning had passed and we were greeted with a reasonably nice day for the time of year, not too cold and with a bit of breeze blowing into the causeway bank.
With 15 fishing I put 8 on the more sheltered rosdside bank and 7 on the causeway side.
All four corners were in including 30 which is a peg that I usually avoid but it has had a bit of form recently but if I could have chosen a peg it would have been 40 as the wind was pushing into it so it's just as well it wasn't a rover match as Chris Szakacs drew it and ended up chucking back (hero to zero award maybe)???
Otherwise I would have been happy anywhere on the road bank except 23 which I had last time round and spent the day watching other people catch, including Adam Caswell on 21.
So back on 23 again for me and to make matters worse, Alan Healey was 2 pegs up on 25 so if things didn't go too well for me I would be hearing all about it
(And I did)!
Payout today was top 2 overall, one silvers (as the silvers weights have been iffy) and two 7-peg sections as Ryan wasn't in the pools today.
It was agreed to split the sections between the two banks regardless of where Ryan drew so it was Sod's law then that Ryan drew on the 7 peg bank resulting in a section of 8 and a section of 6 but nobody was too concerned.
The match started slowly for most although Keith Ray on 21 got off to a good start getting regular bites chucking a lead with bread? (I think) along the bank and over to the island.
Over the course of the first two hours he landed half a dozen carp and was looking on course for an easy win but for some strange reason his peg completely dried up after that, they probably moved up into the safety of empty peg 22 (or peg 23).
In the meantime, Matt Taynton who was next to me on 24, after a fruitless hour throwing a lead around, switched to the deep wag and started catching a few out in open water alternating between maggot and pellet on the hook and feeding a small amount of 6mm's.
Elsewhere Lee Williams and Chris Gay were having a close battle on 27 & 28 (read Lee's blog here ) and on the opposite bank, Mark Radford was getting a few on 33 as was Rich Britton on 37.
Winner on the day was Matt Taynton with 57-4 caught mostly on the wag on the deck with pellet.
Rich Britton was 2nd with 51-11 caught on bread popped-up at various depths.
And Lee Williams just about got the better of Chris Gay with 49-4 against 47-6 which gave him 3rd (section win)
Mark Radford took the second section with 38-14 and Lee Waller needed just 4lbs to take top silvers.
I had a crap day believe it or not, the tip produced nothing, I never had a proper wag set up in the rod case and a half-hearted play around with a pellet wag set to 4 feet deep was equally fruitless.
And I struggled for most of the day at 14m with various baits for a paltry 2-14 of silvers.
My only saving grace was that at one point later in the match I did hit into something that pulled out a lot of elastic and it wasn't a carp but it mattered not as it soon un-hooked itself.
Possibly if landed it could have got me the silvers money but everyone loses fish so no point in going on about it but it made me feel slightly less insignificant at the time!
Especially as I started 2015 giving pound coins to Alan and Adam.

Full(ish) Result:
  1. Matt Taynton (peg 24) ....... 57-4
  2. Rich Britton (37) .................. 51-1
  3. Lee Williams (27) ................. 49-4
  4. Chris Gay (28) ..................... 47-6
  5. Mark Radford (33) ................ 38-14
  6. Keith Ray (21) ..................... 18-0
  7. Alan Healey (25) .................. 12-13
  1.  Lee Waller ....... 4-0
  2. Chris Gay ......... 3-0
  3. Steve Burgess .... 2-14


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