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Monday, 2 March 2015

Landsend match lake 16 pegs

A fairly good turn out this week with 16 in attendance, probably down to the fact that the fishery has been producing decent results of late and even the open match the day before had given up a fair set of winter weights. Unfortunately asper last week for the majority of the field it was a proper grueller! not really sure why it fished so hard although there was very little colour in the water or it could just be down to the fact were all crap! hence the blog this week will be rather short as theres not a lot to write about.

Anyway messers ( Austin ) Healy and Caswell were in charge today and they spread the pay out paying a top three, two sections 1-13 15-24 and a silverpool so everyone was happy.

The view from 5-11 and obviously the missing angler is Adam Caswell who to be fair did spend most of the match sat at his peg but only because with a half hour to go he was probably winning the section with a tench,f1 and one carp which basically showed how hard it fished as that was the story of most peoples match with solitary carp and a few silvers the main stay of most.
Si Belcham getting ready to plunder the silvers in peg 3 not that it worked out that way as acouple of small skimmers later and with a hour to go he'd had enough and had a early bath not that he was the only one, as long before both the Radfords had packed up and gone home followed swiftly by Lionel Legg.

My match was abit of a non event really drawing peg 5 I wasn't filled with much enthusiasm knowing that it had not showed a lot of form through the winter, my plan of attack was to fish 14-16 metres into the gap between the islands fishing caster for anything that swims but as it happened this became a non starter as the wind was howling through the gap making it hard to present but worse was the light conditions making any float impossible to see, so I settled for straight infront fishing at the bottom of the shelf, this wasn't exactly productive although in the first hour I hooked three carp two of which were fowled and parted company rather quick but the third seemed to be hooked properly but on shipping down to my top kit just fell off which I did curse just abit! anyway with 45 minutes to go all I had to show was a few perch and roach and a single f1, the weather then went nuts for twenty minutes the heavens opened with storm force winds that span me round on my box trashing my rig in the process at this point I turned round to Adam on 6 and told him i was packing up to which he kindly reminded my i was on the scales. Id fed a small amount of corn down in front of the pallet on peg four so killing some time before the all out i picked up my margin rig put on a bit of corn and shipped out and lowered the rig infront the pallet a few seconds past when out the blue the float buried! lifting into it several yards of elastic emerged and a few seconds later a seven pounder was safely landed much to the disgust of Adam next door! with the carp in the bag and the few silvers ment i just managed to scrap the section.

As it happened most of the action took place down on 15-13 with Darren North and Lee Waller taking first and second respectively, Lee catching four or five carp and Darren catching six or seven decent carp, i did ask them both how they caught, Lee confessed to fishing half a pinkie on a 8oz bottom on his top kit which i think equated to fishing pellet long to the aerator! Darren was slightly more forthcoming fishing castor shallow a metre of the far bank although he did have a large grin whilst explaining so make of that what you will.

Third place went to Lee Williams on 20 who instead of the obligatory one carp managed two! Silvers winner was mr Healy on 18 who spent most of the match fishing over to the bush catching 7lb odd of plip roach on some left over docks maggots and the other section was won by Steve O Toole on 19.


1ST,  DARREN NORTH      37LB 6OZ     PEG 15
2ND, LEE WALLER            22LB 2OZ     PEG 13
3RD, LEE WILLIAMS         13LB 12OZ   PEG 20
4TH, ALAN HEALY            12LB 10OZ   PEG 18
5TH, CHRIS SZAKACS       11LB 4OZ     PEG 5
7TH, ADAM CASWELL        8LB 8OZ     PEG 6
8TH, STEVE O TOOLE          7LB 60Z     PEG 19
9TH, STEVE WYNNE            7LB 5OZ    PEG 21
10TH, JULIAN NURSE          7LB 40Z     PEG 16
11TH, STEVE SEWELL         5LB 15OZ  PEG 24


Next week its back down to emerald pools and with better more mild weather forcast for the weekend it should be a goodun also theres the monthly meeting this Tuesday so come along and book in!!


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