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Monday, 10 August 2015

Shiplate, Hawthorns, 02 August (14 pegs)

This match was a late substitution for a match we had booked at Rood Ashton that was double-booked which is why we only had the one canal.
The main lake and Westpool were taken up with a memorial silvers match for Jeff Wye who was a lovely old chap who sadly lost his battle with cancer
and the new-ish Squircle lake?? (ask Steve and Carol) was occupied by Fry's so ear-plugs were required with Pete Sivell in attendance.

As ever the day started for myself, Derek, and a few others at Lilypool Cafe in Shipham where the Halal sausages and bacon were as good as ever but even more impressive were the views of the Mendip hills which always brightens up my Sunday and Lee Waller was equally impressed judging by the look on his face!
Alan was in charge again today and with fourteen fishing every peg went in with fate left to decide where the empty peg would end up.
I dug up peg 10 from the gravel, which meant nothing to me.
I don't seem to have much luck on this lake so I was happy wherever I ended up, even if it meant having Alan next door on 11 but at least with the bankside vegetation growing well I wouldn't have to look at him and I'd still have a good idea of whether or not my pound coin was safe.
Back down on 9 was Paul Preston who was likely to be fishing a method feeder as he struggles to hold his pole long due to back problems.
Others keen to rob me of coins were Adam Caswell who was skint after putting a 4-figure sum through the slot machines at Devon Cliffs last week, and Steve Sewell who, I guess just likes giving away pound coins!

I had formulated a plan for today, not much of one, but a plan all the same ....
Fishing pellet over small amounts of wetted micro tight across, and meat down the edge later on (deep and shallow).
Alan also had a plan after speaking with one of the venue regulars and I guess it involved worm / meat / and groundbait.
I knew this as I'd had a good look in his bait stash while he was sorting out the money and he also came over before the start to borrow my groundbait bucket and riddle.

As it turned out neither of our plans amounted to much and the lake fished hard, I don't recall getting a bite over the far side other than from an uneducated moorhen chick (he probably will be more careful next time) and I spent most of the match fishing shallow down the edge with meat for five carp that totalled 25-8
But it was good enough to beat Alan, Adam & Steve so at least I went home with enough winnings to cover the popadoms at curry kings.

Winner on the day was Chris Gay on peg 3 who caught long with worm over groundbait / caster (I think) and then on meat shallow down the edge for a total of 67-14
Steve o'Toole was second from peg 1 with 51-15 and poor old Lee Waller who was between them on peg 2 dnw'd ... I guess he was still thinking about the Mendip Hills!
Steve Sewell won the silvers with 6-2 from peg 7 beating Alan by 2oz

Full Result:
  1. Chris Gay (3) ........... 67-14
  2. Steve o'Toole (1) ...... 51-15
  3. Matt Challenger (12) ... 47-3
  4. Chris Szakacs (8) ....... 39-3
  5. Mark Radford (15) ...... 30-12
  6. Steve Burgess (10) .... 25-8
  7. Ryan Radford (4) ....... 24-12
  8. Adam Caswell (6) ...... 16-15
  9. Paul Preston (9) ........ 16-8
  10. Steve Sewell (7) ....... 15-4
  11. Derek Lucas (5) ........ 9-8
  12. Julian Nurse (14) ...... 7-14
  13. Alan Healey (11) ...... 6-0
  14. Lee Waller (2) ... dnw

  1.  Steve Sewell (7) ... 6-2
  2. Alan Healey (11) ... 6-0

The silvers match on the main lake and Westpool fished well, top weight was Ron Stark with 34-4 from peg 2 on the main lake.


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