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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Boddingtons reservoir

Something a bit unusual for the club this week as it was the clubs very first visit to the midlands bagging mecca that is Boddingtons reservoir, most people had done they're research and it was always gonna be a rod only match fishing a variety of method,straight lead and pellet wag tactics. A few of the guys had made the trip up before staying in local b&bs and there was talk at the draw of a semi naked Pete Uzell wandering into Wills room during the night but what goes on tour obviously stays on tour!

The club were fishing on the dam wall pegs 1-16 and with the wind blowing down into the early numbers this seemed like the more favourable draw
The match itself followed the same pattern for nearly everybody to varying levels of success as in most had a few pulls in the first hour followed by a barren dire spell for the hours middle match as the carp backed off into the expanse of the reservoir and then the fish returning en mass in the last hour and a half to binge on the pellet mountain that everyone had been feeding all day. The guys that done the best were those that managed to keep the odd fish coming mid match.

I drew peg 12 and had self confessed pellet wag expert Steve Burgess next to me on 11 and on 13 was Mike Wilson who dosnt know what a wag is! or a lead or a method feeder and im not sure he was totally sure what a rod and reel are ether as he started the match 15mins later than everyone else still trying to set up!

My plan was start on the method whilst feeding 8mms as far as i could fire them hopefully catching on the lead and wag later in the day, i did have dreams of a mega bagging session as my first three chucks resulted in three wrap rounds and 30lb in the net followed by err.....nothing for the next three hours.

Now most of the club are used to fishing viaduct and doing battle with scary cary monsters but the fish in Boddingtons are on another level, averaging 8-16lb they are proper tackle testers with probably the most aggressive takes that i have ever encountered. Someone who can testify to this was Keith Ray on peg 10 who after a very quiet match had his expensive Daiwa rod and reel combo ripped off his lap into the reservoir, the butt of the rod luckily stayed afloat doing its best jaws impression, also lucky was that as it got to about 30metres out the fish changed direction and started running parallel to the bank and as it passed myself i managed to drop a lead just in front and hook the butt and much to keiths relief retrieved the rod with fish still attached, keith then clambered back to his peg and promptly lost the fish at the net!

The last hour was frantic for everyone even Steve Burgess started catching on the wag! looking along the bank rods were bent double everywhere.
One angler who seemed to be doing better than most was Will Dearlove on peg 7 who fished a really tidy match fishing a small method and boilie at long range taking fish at regular intervals to win the match with a creditable 147lb 13oz
In second spot was Paul Preston on end peg 2 and Paul had and interesting and frustrating match as he easily hooked enough fish to win twice over but in an extremely snaggy and weedy peg he lost alot more than he landed ending with 124lb
Third was Alan Healy on yet another flyer peg 5 who fished similar tactics to will ending up with a decent 122lb 11oz


  1. WILL DEARLOVE    147LB  13OZ        PEG 7
  2. PAUL PRESTON        124LB                           2
  3. ALAN HEALY           122LB   11OZ               5
  4. MATT WILLIAMS     111LB    6OZ               4
  5. CHRIS SZAKACS        92LB   12OZ             12
  6. RYAN RADFORD        80LB                          14
  7. MARK RADFORD       75LB    8OZ               3
  8. STEVE BURGESS        75LB    8OZ              11
  9. PETE UZZEL                74LB    7OZ               8
  10. ADAM CASWELL       73LB    15OZ             9
  11. STEVE SEWELL          68LB    12OZ            6
  12. KEITH RAY                  62LB    10OZ            10
  13. MIKE WILSON            36LB    10OZ            13
Most people really enjoyed the match as it was a different sort of fishing than most of us are used too and hopefully another trip will be booked in the near future.


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