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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Pairs & Knockout


Darren North & Adam Caswell
Alan Healy & Mark Radford
Mike Wilson & Big Adam
Derek Lucas & Simon Belcham
Paul Reed & Steve Burgess
Mark Britton & Dave Tippett


Mark Radford vs Paul Elmes

Mark Britton vs Adam Woodland
Rich Jones vs Simon Belcham
Mike Wilson vs Eddie Perkins*
Dave Tippett vs Steve Burgess
Darren North vs Derek Lucas*
Paul Reed vs Bob Warren
Alan Healy vs Stevie Wynne
Adam Caswell vs Yan / Colin
Ryan Jordan vs Craig Edmonds

  • First round of Pairs and knockout will be fished at Cary, 14 June
  • Second round will be at Avalon, 5 July
  • Cost of Pairs will be £5 payable asap
* To be fished at Acorn 21 June


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