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Monday, 5 March 2012

Boyd Valley, 04 march (12 pegs)

Unfortunately I wasn't able to fish this one but even so, due to the ongoing problems with my phone(s), i still managed to mess up as 13 turned up for this 12 peg venue!
Still, never mind, as I had a thouroughly enjoyable dinner at Farrells retaurant in Keynsham and seeing as it was a very cold, wet, windy and miserable morning I wasn't overly bothered!
Thankfully, the carp showed at last resulting in some decent weights and a close result.

Full result:  sorry no peg numbers or silvers weights!
  1. Rich Britton ...... 59-12
  2. Darren north .... 58-5
  3. Chris Gay ........ 52-4
  4. keith Ray ......... 50-0
  5. Simon Belcham .. 46-0
  6. Alan Healy ........ 21-9
  7. Bob Warren ...... 19-12
  8. Derek Lucas ..... 14-10
  9. Paul Reed ........ 11-4
  10. Mike Wilson ..... ?
  11. Steve Wynne ..... dnw
  12. Trigger ............. dnw (see below) 
Funnily enough, a couple of weeks back I mentioned that with the weather warming up some of the club's fairweather muggers members were stirring from their winter hibernation and making a welcome reappearance and that it wouldn't be long before legendary carp-magnet, Craig Trigger Edmunds would be gracing us with his presence.
And sure enough, right on cue, that day had come.  But unfortunately it seems  he jumped the gun a bit as my bankside spies told me that he packed up halfway through the match complaining of hypothermia.
I suspect however, that he had a call from his girlfriend who is due to produce a "mini Trig" any time soon, demanding extra supplies of custard donuts and catfood to satisfy her pregnancy cravings!

Please note that the monthly club meeting is on Tuesday night where I will be taking bookings for Acorn, old lake (11 March),  Shiplate (18 March) and Walters lake, South Cerney (1 April).
Although we haven't had a match at Walters before, a few members have fished there and it was one of the venues that was put forward when we discussed new places to book so it will be interesting to see how many book in for this one!
If you are unable to make the meeting you can contact me in the week to book into matches if spaces are available.
My work phone (07979647233) should be back up and running from Tuesday onwards or alternatively you can get hold of me on 07583295430  evenings and weekends.
On a lighter note, the picture below has absolutely no relevance to this post whatsoever but if you look closely it shows how to tie a "snowman" rig which may come in handy one day when the carp are a bit tricky!

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