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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Shiplate Farm, Hawthorns, 9 Sept (9 pegs)

Another disappointing turnout due, I guess, to a few regulars being away on holiday and weekends away at least meant there was plenty of room for all to enjoy the late summer sunshine and catch a few fish.
A steady breeze blowing down the lake towards peg 1 and a strong right to left tow meant presentation on the far bank was difficult for most so as a result most of the action today came from the margins and with a few colder nights of late the normal pellet tactics had given way to maggot in recent results and pretty much everyone adopted the same approach.
With his impressive form at Shiplate it was no surprise that Alan Healy on peg 11 headed the field .
Alan started the match long across with limited success but soon found plenty of fish in close.
Fishing at 4m down his left margin with maggot Alan caught steadily throughout the six hours, feeding 5 pints of other people's maggots to weigh in 96lbs 13oz which included a couple of hard-fighting "proper skimmers" around the 5lb mark.  With an hour to go Alan was forced to scrounge a keepnet and more maggots from his neighbour (me) which cost him his £1 side-bet (unlucky)!
In hindsight I should have made him do the walk of shame back to his car to get his own keepnet seeing as after scrounging maggots off me with an hour left, he then filled in his margin with the maggots he already had (which must have been a pint at least) and used mine to finish the match.
The morale of that little tale I suppose is never to trust a shifty-looking Knowle-Wester although anyone who has witnessed Alan's weight estimations will know this already!
Anyway, getting back to the important stuff, Chris Szakacs (fresh back from anger management classes) managed to remain composed long enough on peg 6 to take second place with 72-0.
Chris caught on maggot in close and also on paste down the track and included a skimmer of around 8lb in his catch.
Most psv matches somebody manages to break a pole section or two, this week was Chris's turn to go home with his Connoisseur G8 in more bits than it should have been!
Third on the day went to myself with 69-12 from peg 12 caught on maggot across and in the right margin and fourth place went to Eddie (end-peg) Wynne on peg 1 with 65-9.
Eddie caught on maggot and also on pellet. Had his fish been a similar size to everyone elses he would have won the match easily but for some reason he seemed to have had rather a lot of pasties which, I suppose, is the story of his life!

Overall Result:
  1. Alan Healy (peg 11) ..... 96-13
  2. Chris Szakacs (6) ................ 72-0
  3. Steve Burgess (12) .............. 69-12
  4. Eddie Wynne (1) ................. 65-9
  5. Adam Caswell (15) ............. 62-0
  6. Mark Radford (8) ................ 55-10
  7. Derel Lucas (9) ................... 31-10
  8. Will Dearlove (3) ................ 27-12
  9. Ryan Radford (4) ................ 22-1


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