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Monday, 24 September 2012

Sedges, Tile Lake, 23 Sept (17 pegs)

A pity really as I was confident on getting this blog out before Tony Rixon's following his unkind remarks about the frequency of my updates but it seems he must have got up early as he has beaten me to it but never mind.
17 fishing this one which was a great turnout for us although we were full up at one point and I had reserves so please bear this in mind for next week at Acorn which, at the moment is also full with a reserve list and if anyone can't make it let me know as soon as possible please so someone else can fill the space.
Anyway, as forecast it was a wet and miserable day from start to finish but luckily the wind wasn't as bad as was expected so that was a small blessing.
But despite the weather Rich Britton on peg 31 was still in summer mode and left his pole in the holdall (I think he owns a pole) and fished the pellet waggler across to the aereator in front of him with 8mm pellet and the same feed  catching carp all day for a total winning weight of 116lbs 14oz.
On the next peg (32) Mark Radford, another "one trick pony" gave him a good run for his money fishing, unsurprisingly,  paste for 108lbs exactly.
Possibly the fact that these two pegs were the only pegs on the lake that had shelter from the Easterly wind would explain why there were so many fish up in that corner of the lake but who knows.
Back in the real world the contest for third and fourth places was a next-peg battle between Keith Ray on 39 and myself on corner peg 40.  (End-peg Eddie and Mugger Shanks weren't fishing today which meant anyone had a reasonable chance of drawing in a corner)!  As it turned out Keith just sneaked into third with 47-4  ahead of myself with 45-8.   Keith caught short on paste and meat after mucking about with a feeder to the island which produced nothing despite the fish that were swirling and boshing about where his feeder was landing!
As for myself, I caught very little for five hours until the fish suddenly turned up in the last hour giving themselves up readily to meat over meat feed on the deck at 8m (first out of  the frame for the second week running).
This week's "expensive day" award went to Keith who snapped his landing net handle whilst attempting to land a fish under the confines of his umbrella but at least he managed to keep his hair and designer fishing jacket looking pristine which is what matters I suppose.
The "hero to zero" award went to Mr Inconsistent ,Darren North, who after last week's stunning performance managed this week to produce a big fat DNW despite having an end peg and an empty corner peg next to him. But at least he had a good view of Richard and Mark opposite him emptying the lake!
Thanks to Mike Welling for assuming the role of weigh-man albeit rather quietly.

Overall Result:
  1. Richard Britton (31) .. 116-14
  2. Mark Radford (32) ........... 108-0
  3. Keith Ray (39) ................. 47-4
  4. Steve Burgess (40) ........... 45-8
  5. Lionel Legge (27) ............ 43-5
  6. Simon Belcham (36) ........ 40-7
  7. Steve Tanner (24) ............ 31-15
  8. Stewart Riddle (22) ......... 30-8
  9. Chris Szakacs (35) .......... 29-8
  10. Steve Wynne (26) ............ 24-6
  11. Paul Reed (37)* ............... 21-5
  12. Rich Jones (28) ............... 19-14
  13. Mike Welling (21) ........... 19-12
  14. Bob Warren (33) ............. 17-10
  15. Ryan Radford (23) .......... 16-0
  16. Mike Smith (38)** .......... 13-0
  17. Darren North (29) ..... DNW
* golden peg
** silver peg
(both of these were saved today by dismal performances)!

  1. Mark Radford ...... 37-8
  2. Bob Warren .......... 15-6
  3. Stewart Riddle ..... 15-0
  4. Steve Wynne ........ 13-6
  5. Mike Smith .......... 11-8
Just in case anyone wanted to check the results are genuine!



  1. liking the posting, think we should keep up with the hero to zero comments and expensive day elements, seem to be an ongoing feature of PSV at the minute.

    impressive performance from Rich considering the conditions, not sure it will work at acorn.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I'm sure he will give it a go and throw up a surprise. Apparently he's been known to catch on the shallow wag after breaking ice