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Monday, 29 October 2012

Sedges, Tile Lake, 28 October (15 pegs)

The first frosts of the year on Friday night and the early part of Saturday night meant that most were prepared for a hard day's fishing but a drastic change in the weather overnight brought rain and the fish at Sedges seemed to be unaffected.
With fifteen fishing the corner pegs 21, 30 and 31 were left out as according to Jamie they hadn't been producing and everything else went into the drawbag.
I found myself on peg 25 in the middle of the roadside bank which gave me a debatable chuck to the corner of the island and an expanse of open water to fish.  So I untangled a lead rod and set up one rig at 13m for skimmers.  Will Dearlove next door had set up a shallow wag so I untangled that one as well although I wasn't expecting it to produce much.
Having been to a haloween party on Saturday night I hadn't had any time to sort out bait so it was going to be a day of using up whatever was left in the Asda "bag for life" and  last week's leftovers from the freezer which consisted of a bag of micros, some corn  and a pint of dead reds.
Luckily there was a big bag of 8mm's lurking in the bottom of the bag for life.
At the start I fed the 13m line with a pot of micros and dead reds and chucked the lead out with 4 dead reds on the hook and pinged out some 8mm's (the band broke on the first attempt at banding a pellet hence the maggots).
This produced two small carp (one of which came off due to one of the four maggots masking the hook point).
A look on the 13m line produced a few good skimmers and a weigher of 3-6 but by now Will next door was furiously thrashing at the island with the wag so I went out on that and upped the pellet barrage to keep any fish away from him!
First chuck the float shot under which I missed as it was the least thing I was expecting to happen and the second chuck produced a small carp followed by a good tench before going a bit quiet so I went back out with the lead while tyeing up a new hooklength with a band on.
This was a lot more successful so I spent the rest of the match lead-chucking with the odd chuck on the waggler which produced a couple of proper fish and a final weight of 73lbs for first on the day.
Steve Tanner finished a close second on peg 29 with an all carp weight of 69-12 caught on corn on the pole and on the method. 
Stewart Riddle managed third from corner peg 40 with 55-10 caught on soft pellet over micro / caster feed.
Top silvers went to Alan Healy with 21-13 caught on maggot and soft pellet over groundbait at 4 & 11m.  Mike Smith was second with 16-3 caught on soft pellet and maggot over micros with half that weight consisting of two "weighers".
Unfortunately we had two slapped wrists from Jamie, one of our newer members who hadn't fished Sedges before was unaware he had to use the fishery nets and Alan Healy "forgot" to weigh a bream that ended up in his silvers net.  Fortunate then that Alan lost a bream he estimated at 10lbs as I dont think Jamie would have been too happy to see that one in a keepnet!
This week's "Hero to Zero" goes to Will Dearlove who despite rather selfishly claiming the whole of the island in front of him giving himself 1½ pegs to fish, still managed to get well and truly battered.
And the Expensive Day award this week went to Mike Smith who is now the proud owner of a telescopic number 4 section!

Overall Result:
  1. Steve Burgess (25) ... 73-0
  2. Steve Tanner (29) ......... 69-12
  3. Stewart Riddle (40) ...... 55-10
  4. Paul Reed (39) .............. 37-9
  5. Alan Healy (38) ............ 36-6
  6. Mark Radford (37)  / Matt Taynton (28) .... 34-13
  7. Will Dearlove (24) ........ 31-11
  8. Bob Warren (32) ........... 28-7
  9. Chris Szakacs (35) ........ 26-6
  10. Eddie Wynne (33) ......... 23-11
  11. Mike Smith (27) ........... 19-8
  12. Adam Caswell (26) ....... 14-10
  13. Ryan Radford (23) ......... dnw
  14. Keith Ray* (24) ............. dnw
  1. Alan Healy .......... 21-13
  2. Mike Smith .......... 16-3
  3. Adam Caswell ...... 13-4
  4. Steve Burgess ....... 13-0
*golden peg


  1. Nice write up steve but i appear to get a few mentions thrashing an island taking a whole island but see a very short comment about copying me on the wag but fair play i was beat propably all those casts that when astray into my peg got you those extra fish !!!!

  2. funny how you get your ass in gear and get the blog done when you have won, obviously your face book account has been suspended giving you nothing better to do lol

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