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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Acorn, Paddock Lake, 30 Sept (20 pegs)

A rare treat today having managed to grab a section of Paddock (pegs 1 to 20) from the Coffin Dodgers who have booked most Sundays on here for this year and the next two years also.
So if you're planning on booking a Sunday on Paddock you might want to invest in a 2015 year-planner and get in there sharpish!
Anyway, I didn't have the pleasure of fishing this one so the details are a bit sketchy.
What I do know though is that the blustery winds made things difficult for most but Alan Healy and Eddie Wynne in pegs 7 & 8 respectively weren't affected by the wind at all and Alan went on to win easily fishing across to the far shelf with 135lbs 14oz fishing maggot on the hook and feeding the same.
Eddie Wynne wasn't very close behind with 59-9 for second which included the top silvers weight of 18-10.  Ed caught the same way as the winner but had smaller fish (I think I've heard this before .....).
Third place went to Adam Caswell, superstar of Dave Clutterbuck's Thursday evening Docks series, with 39-4 from peg 17.
Top silvers went by default to Mike Wilson with 6-6 from peg 18 and Paul Reed and Chris Gay shared the default second place both weighing 3-9 from pegs 4 & 12 respectively.
Luckily for Alan, Roy Garland was on hand to record his epic performance for the Evening Post and his TopPeg website.  That report can be found here
In Roy's after-match interview Alan is quoted as saying:

“I had no idea how the match was fishing but unknowingly, at the time when I called for a second net, I had already done enough to win.
“I knew that I was doing well but when fishing a well-stocked lake anything can happen so I got my head down and never relaxed until I heard the all-out shout.
“The fish at Acorn vary so much in size that it is difficult to keep an accurate account of what is in each net. I called for each extra net well before they had reached their 70lb limit just to be sure of not being disqualified.” 

Which makes a change from the normal bs that Alan spouts before, during and after our matches!

Overall Result
  1. Alan Healy (peg 7) ...... 135-14
  2. Eddie Wynne (8) .............. 59-9
  3. Adam Caswell (17) .......... 39-4
  4. Simon Belcham (10) ........ 36-3
  5. Rich Jones (11) ................. 31-9
  6. Chris Gay* (4) ........... 28-9 (wind assisted weight)
  7. Rich Britton (14) ............... 28-5
  8. Ryan Radford (13) ............. 28-0
  9. Keith Ray (6) ..................... 25-8
  10. Mark Radford (20) ............. 24-7 
*golden peg

  1. Eddie Wynne ........ 18-10
  2. Mike Wilson ......... 6-6
  3. Paul Reed / Chris Gay .... 3-9
  4. Rich Britton ........... 2-12

This week's "Hero to Zero" award goes to Rich Britton who, with no waggler rod in sight, proved he is without a doubt a "one-trick pony"!
The "Expensive Day" award goes to Darren North who now has just nine topkits left on his Sensas pole.
Just out of interest the Coffin Dodgers' match was won by Ian Cole with 57-11 from peg 37 and Clive Richards was 2nd with 56-1 from peg 36.
Meanwhile, Alan went on to fish the Tuesday open and won that with over 100lbs from peg 6 and I believe Ed Wynne was 2nd!
Please note there are spaces left for our match on Sunday against Frys at Shiplate where, hopefully, we will be inflicting a large dose of pain on our guests!


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