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Monday, 28 January 2013

2013 Fixtures

Seeing as my match calendar seems to be broken ....

  • 3-Feb, Plantations (Horseshoe)
  • 10-Feb, Harescombe
  • 17-Feb, Staunton Court
  • 24-Feb, Trinity (Woodlands)
  • 3-Mar, Sedges (Tile)
  • 10-March, Plantations (Coarse)
  • 17-March, Viaduct (Cary)
  • 24-March, Shiplate
  • 31-March, Viaduct (Campbell)
  • 7-April, Staunton Court
  • 14-April, Trinity (Woodlands)
  • 21-April, Viaduct (Cary)
  • 28-April, Sedges (Brick)
  • 5-May, Landsend
  • 12-May, tba
  • 19-May, Shiplate
  • 26-May, Rood Ashton
  • 2-June, Viaduct (Cary)
  • 9-June, Sedges (canal)
  • 16-June, Trinity (Woodland)
  • 23-June, Weekend Away (possibly)!
  • 30-June, Landsend
  • 7-July, Walters S-Cerney (Blue / White)
  • 14-July, Shiplate (Frys inter-club)
  • 21-July, Trinity (Woodlands)
  • 28-July, Sedges (Brick)
  • 4-Aug, Viaduct (Cary)
  • 11-Aug, Landsend (John's Lake)
  • 18-Aug, Trinity (Woodlands)
  • 25-Aug, Durleigh Res (Frys inter-club)
  • 1-Sept, Harescombe
  • 8-Sept, Walters S-Cerney (Blue)
  • 15-Sept, Landsend
  • 22-Sept, Sedges (Brick)
  • 29-Sept, Shiplate
  • 6-Oct, Trinity (Woodlands)
  • 13-Oct, Harescombe
  • 20-Oct, Landsend
  • 27-Oct, Shiplate (Frys inter-club)
  • 3-Nov, Sedges (Tile)
  • 10-Nov, Viaduct (Campbell)
  • 17-Nov, Harescombe
  • 24-Nov, Trinity (Ash Pool)**
  • 1-Dec, Viaduct (Spring)
  • 14-Dec (Saturday), Acorn Christmas Match
Recently Added
*shared with coffin dodgers
**could be changed to either Woodland or Wildmarsh

2014 Dates 
  • 16-March, Viaduct (Campbell)
  • 13-April, Avalon
  • 20-April, Viaduct (Campbell)
  • 15-June, Viaduct (Campbell)
  • 29-June, Avalon
  • 27-July, Viaduct (Campbell)
  • 7-Sept, Viaduct (Campbell)
  • 14-Sept, Avalon
  • 26-October, Viaduct (Campbell)


  1. Good fixture list steve

  2. Replies
    1. Oops, forgot my mate Vic . Sure I can squeeze a couple in from my spare dates

  3. best do Steve i dont want to be silvers fishing all year could do with a few carp puddles !!hehe

  4. wouldnt call avalon a carp puddle theres 20lb of skimmers on every peg! say lol

  5. It's a good job the taller of the owners makes people feel welcome at Avalon , so get down there as its a lovely venue

  6. Good choice of venues Steve, Hill View / Rood Ashton might be an option for the blank dates.

  7. Date for Rood Ashton added (26 May)