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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Viaduct, Campbell, 31 March (13 pegs)

The extended winter continues (-4 this morning) and as a result it seems attendances are dropping off as every week now it seems matches are being decided at the draw and nobody likes to be sat on a freezing cold and windy lake watching someone getting a few from a "bridge" peg or some other area where the fish are shoaled up while scratching for a bite.
So, you've probably worked out that my match today never went too well but anyway, only 13 today and there would have been a few more but some had cancelled due to the cold weather etc (and I don't blame them) but at least it was ice-free.
As expected, peg 116 was the first to produce which was occupied by Mike Wilson (a rare but pleasant site these days).
And opposite Mike on 125 Keith Ray was also catching. Both were getting odd fish on the tip but Keith's were bigger fish that seemed to take a liking to his bread bait.
Next to Mike on peg 115 Paul Reed was also getting a few big skimmers and odd carp that had strayed away from next door.
Elsewhere, only odd carp were appearing and most had resigned themselves to fishing for silvers and they weren't giving themselves up very easily either.
In the meantime, Mike had switched to the pole and was catching steadily at 16m with soft pellet, keith was still getting the odd good fish on the bread and Paul was putting together a weight of skimmers which was boosted by a couple of tench and stray carp.
In fact Paul's skimmers and tench went 38-6 which together with four carp for 22-6 was enough for a surprise win.
Paul fished soft pellet over wetted 4mm's and corn at 9 and 13m.
Keith took second place with an all-carp weight of 58-12 and Mike rounded things up with 46-4.
Top silvers (by default) went to Simon Belcham on 128 with 8-4, just four ounces ahead of Matt Taynton on 118.

Full Result:

  1. Paul Reed (peg 115) .... 60-12
  2. Keith Ray (125) .......... 58-12
  3. Mike Wilson* (116) ....... 46-4
  4. Matt Taynton (118) ..... 25-2
  5. Lee Williams (126) ...... 16-10
  6. Chris Szakacs (124) ..... 12-12
  7. Simon Belcham (128) ... 8-4
  8. Will Dearlove (112) ...... 5-14
  9. Kev Jefferies (127) ...... 4-2
  10. Ron Hardiman (129) .... 1-10
and 3 dnw's (including myself)
*golden peg

  1. Paul Reed ........ 38-6
  2. Simon belcham ... 8-4
  3. Matt Taynton ...... 8-0
  4. Will Dearlove ..... 5-14
  5. Kev Jefferies ..... 4-2
  6. Chris Szakacs .... 3-10
  7. Lee Williams ..... 3-8
  8. Ron Hardiman ... 1-10

And finally, meeting and Agm on Tuesday night (so will be taking membership monies) and your rod licences will be due for renewal!

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  1. Steve, what did we decide about stauton and the rod situation ? Plus as usual i will be going straight there so text us the numbers and ill do the pegging.