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Friday, 5 April 2013

Hi-lights from the Agm!

Unfortunately, as a result of the Midland Spinner being under new management it was closed which resulted in a last-minute change of venue to The Horseshoe on Siston Common (which, funnily enough, is 50yds from my doorstep) so apologies for the confusion.
As is the usual format with the Agm the club committee all stood down and a new committee was voted in and so the new committee is .......

Exactly the same as last year!

Chairman:  Me
Vice-Chairman:  Alan Healy
Match Secretary:  Me
Treasurer:  Mike Wilson
Website Editor: (A new post created by me)  ME!

And on a more serious note, a couple of points were brought up and addressed.

1. Guests.
It was agreed that guests are now allowed but must be invited / accompanied by an existing member and can only fish one match without joining the club.
A club member can have only one guest fish at a time.

2. Points System.
It was agreed that we would revert to the old points system which gives a fixed amount of points to each placing regardless of the number fishing.
Which now means if you win a match with 4 people fishing you get the same points as if you win a match with 104 fishing!

3. Membership Cost.
Unchanged at £20

4. Christmas Match.
Members only and the prizes will be chosen via a draw as opposed to the order of the result.

5. Night out.
Something will be arranged.

6. Weekend Away.
Too late in the day to organize one for this year but I will attempt to book something up for next year.  Venues at the moment are maybe Holgan Farm (as last year) or the place near Newquay that I can't remember the name of!

7.  Winter Venues.
Following the dire winter we've had this year it was suggested that we try to book some venues that fish better in the winter next year. ie, waters that are less dominated by carp.  I have taken this on board and will do my best but bear in mind that when booking venues it is necessary to book a year in advance (at least) and also that many venues charge a fixed price regardless of numbers which can be a bit of a pain when only a handful book in.

8.  Match Costs.
I keep a record of all monies paid in / out on match days which is available to anybody that wishes to see it.  It was agreed a few years ago that any surplus on match days would be paid out in the pools and that is still the case. The golden peg money is added to each match regardless of numbers.

And finally,  I would like to thank everybody who has supported the club through the previous season and especially the "hardcore" who fish every week regardless of the weather, decorating requests, weddings, funerals, christenings, bar-mitzvahs etc.
I would also like to thank everybody who has helped out with pegging, weighing-in, collecting money etc and I look forward to another year of friendly banter and good fishing!

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