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Monday, 17 June 2013

Trinity, Ash Pool, 16 June (10 pegs)

Unfortunately, or maybe not, I chose to give this one a miss what with it being Fathers' Day 'n all and also having been away fishing for four days over the previous weekend but all is not lost as one of the ten brave souls that ignored there kids carefully hand-crafted cards has generously provided a match report (of sorts).
Considering he came 2nd on the day his report isn't quite as modest as mine might have been but he'll learn and apologies for the dodgy punctuation etc but he does work in insurance!

   Another match that was booked and anticipated as an experiment and that it was ! For most of the field if not all apart from Adam who admitted to getting bites all day long (Must of been fishing double maggot and biting each other because he only had 10 fish!!!!) the experiment was learning how to sleep sat on a seat box whilst getting buckets of water thrown over you.
   The day was hard and with very few silvers making an appearance it was a case of waiting for the carp.

Full Result:
  1. Adam Caswell ...... 25-2
  2. Will Dearlove  ...... 18-1
  3. Mark Radford ....... 14-0
  4. Ron Hardiman ...... 12-15
  5. Alan Healy ........... 12-7
  6. Ryan Radford ....... 11-7
  7. Simon Belcham .... 8-8
  8. Brian Shanks ....... 7-5
  9. Darren North ....... 5-11
  10. Matt Taynton ....... 5-3

Not the most impressive set of results but coincidentally the West's finest were fishing on Wildmarsh at the same time and having read Tony's blog it seems the fish were having an off day all round, especially on peg 65, which you can read about here or maybe all that chasing after aging Rock stars has adversely affected his focus, who knows!
There's no match as such next week as I have organised a trip on the Katy Ann out of Weymouth but it will be back to business as usual the week after at Landsend.

1 comment:

  1. The Pawlett guys had a match on Ash last week, it was won with 11lb.....luckily I was at Shiplate!!

    Everywhere has switched off....except Viaduct Campbell.

    See you in 2 weeks matey.