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Monday, 24 June 2013

Random Stuff!

Nothing to declare this week as there was no match booked and instead I had booked a boat fishing trip out of Weymouth which was cancelled due to the gale-force winds forecast.
Rather than stay home for a second Sunday in a row, I booked into Tony's short pole match on Landsend's match lake and lake 3 (John's, Sidney's or whatever it's called).
I won't bore you with the details as I drew peg 66 and got well and truly "chip-shop sausaged" by Shaun Townsend on 65 who came second overall with 72-10 and by Rich Lacey on 68 who was a little bit nearer my pathetic efforts with 26-10, although I might have saved the double battering if I hadn't have lost the munter which snapped the hook length on my "silvers" rig.
So much for my plan of going for silvers!
It wasn't all bad news though as Psv stalwart Stevie Wynne was top weight on Match lake and third overall with 63-11 from peg 20.
He did make me laugh when after collecting his envelope he announced he would be at Trinity next week with the Carpenters Arms so would be fishing with some proper anglers.
The full bite-by-bite account can be found on the match-winner's blog here
and also (with the results) on Mike Nicholls' blog here
Despite that, it was an interesting day and may well be a good idea for some of our matches in the future if anyone fancies it.
Meanwhile, I was having a trawl through the laptop and came across a few old pictures from matches that I'd forgotten about so I thought I'd stick a few up.  Obviously the "action" shots have been taken by me when I've been taking a rest from bagging!
If you would like any of the following framed and autographed let me know ...

Adam Caswell concentrating on one of his "lighthouse" paste floats

The "big fella" Ryan Jordan fishing 6m out in front and behind

Mr Crabtree aka Simon Belcham 

Bob Warren, always smiling as long as it doesn't cost money

Paul Elmes carp wrestling and flexing his biceps for the camera

Chris Szakacs the silent assassin

Alan (Louis Spence) Healy sorting out the family's supper

Neil Mercer looking like he should be at Tracey Park and not Rood Ashton

I may add some more to this later.

Ryan Jordan

Adam Woodland

The original Mr Flip-Flop back when he still had some hair (of sorts)

Paul "Beaver" Elmes

Mark Radford (when he was still good)!

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  1. short pole match sounds like a good idea to me, will offer something different from the norm.
    plus its not the tackle that breaks it down to user error !!!!!!