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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Trinity, Woodlands, 21 July (19 pegs)

Another week and another venue calamity but fortunately this time it was in our favour as on the Thursday I had a call from our favourite fishery manager, Misha, to say that Clevedon had double-booked their match with Durleigh Res and had cancelled their match on Woodlands leaving it available if we wanted it.
Which was ironic as I had originally booked Woodlands for this date a year ago but "somebody" forgot to put it in the Trinity match diary so we were relegated to Wildmarsh.
The decision (Woodlands or Wildmarsh) took approximately 3 seconds! And strangely, once the information was circulated, I had a flurry of late bookings.
It was a decision that made no difference whatsoever to Lionel Legge as for some strange reason he decideded to go to The Sedges a week early, which was most likely due to disorientation caused by his recent nose reconstruction surgery (I cant wait to see his suntan when his cast comes off)!
With it being yet another hot, cloudless day there were plenty of fish splashing about and cruising around and it looked like a few would be caught and so it turned out (especially for the venue-pickers).
Winner on the day was Brian Shanks in peg 31 who, predictably, caught shallow at 13/14m slapping a pellet rig around for an impressive 190-5.
In second place, next door in peg 32, Darren North used similar tactics for a very respectable  137-1 although Darren did catch well in his margins for the last hour or so.
Mark Radford grabbed 3rd with 113-5 from peg 8 also fishing pellet shallow, closely followed by Adam Caswell (Mark seems to spend most of his life being closely followed by Adam) with 112-14 from peg 20 fishing paste in the margins (or corn if you were to believe the constant drone coming from the top of the lake).
Top silvers on the day went to Pete Sivell with 46-6 of paste-caught skimmers from peg 28 followed by Kev Jefferies with 26-10 from peg 26.
Worthy of a mention was Simon Belcham's 3rd place silvers catch of 21-12 from peg 15 which was made up entirely of small roach caught on hemp and tares, a method that Simon has perfected over the years to devastating effect.
Also worthy of a mention (he gets mentioned quite often on here) was Alan Healy who seemed to have a few problems with his keepnet attachment and had to go swimming three times to rescue his net.  The first time he did it he was playing a fish so I got volunteered to hold onto his pole (nice) while he went for a paddle, the second and third times I left him to struggle on his own as I'd run out of sympathy and he was beating me!
As for me, I was doing ok for a while catching odd fish shallow and making pretty patches of fizz everywhere I fed until I happened to mention that I hadn't lost a single fish.  Unfortunately, the next fish was a pole-bender that had no intention of seeing dry land and snapped my elastic.  After that, the new rig didn't want to perform properly and it all went wrong, never mind, I'll put that one down to the curse of the golden peg!
In all though, a very good day with four weights over a ton, two just under and an average weight of 74lbs plus some good silvers weights.

Full Result:

  1. Brian Shanks (peg 31) ..... 190-5
  2. Darren North (32) ........... 137-1
  3. Mark Radford (8) ............ 113-5
  4. Adam Caswell (20) .......... 112-14
  5. Richard Jones (13) .......... 99-4
  6. Will Dearlove (27) ........... 98-4
  7. Chris Gay (24) ................ 85-4
  8. Ryan Radford (7) ............ 79-8
  9. Alan (Tom Daly) Healy (11) .. 76-12
  10. Pete Sivell (28) ............... 75-6
  11. Lionel (no nets) Legge (19) ... 54-15
  12. Kev Jefferies (25) ............ 52-0
  13. Garth (14) ................  46-2
  14. Steve Burgess* (10) ........ 38-13
  15. Keith Ray** (4) .............. 38-4
  16. Ron Hardiman (17) ......... 38-0
  17. Stevie Wynne (2) ............ 30-14
  18. Simon Belcham (15) ........ 21-12
  19. Derek Lucas (29) ............ 18-11 
*golden peg
**silver peg
  1. Pete Sivell (28) ..... 46-6
  2. Kev Jefferies (26) .. 26-10
  3. Simon Belcham (15) ... 21-12
  4. Chris Gay (24) .......... 15-15


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