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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Landsend, 30 June / Walters, 7 July

Landsend, Match Lake, 30 June (14 pegs)

No big weights but a close result.
The ginger whinger and his apprentice, Aaron Britnell and Adam Caswell both started off well which was apparent by the constant drone coming from their pegs which could be heard across the whole complex but it didn't last.
Chris Szakacs, on peg 5, had a frustrating first half which involved plenty of lost fish, a fair few lost rigs and head-in-hands moments accompanied by much muttering of Hungarian curses but he managed to get his act together for the second half and caught steadily catching on pellet tight across and a last gasp carp on the all out was enough to put him ahead of Brian shanks on, peg 16, to win the day and the $100 golden peg by just a few ounces.
After 30 seconds of fishing sensibly, I got the catapult out and it all went wrong again.
Thanks to our guest of the day, Lee Williams, who "volunteered" to do the weigh-in.  Lee is making a bit of a comeback onto the Somerset match scene and does a blog of his own.  Judging by the fact he was on facebook yesterday scrounging a platform I'm guessing he was fishing with Clevedon today at Durleigh Res.  Lee is a shining example to everyone of how to keep your gear in immaculate condition (OCD springs to mind), unfortunately he takes a bit longer than most to set all his gear up and make it look pretty which isn't a good thing at psv as some of our members get a bit irritable if we start late.
But we start when I've got my shit sorted, like it or not!
Click here for Lee's Blog
For Lee's version of events on this match click here (it's a lot more informative than my own)!

Full Result:

  1. Chris Szakacs* (peg 5) ... 75-2
  2. Brian Shanks (16) ......... 74-4
  3. Alan Healy (11) ............ 56-15
  4. Adam Caswell (18) ........ 52-10
  5. Mark Radford (9) .......... 49-4
  6. Aaron Britnell (21) ........ 48-4
  7. Kev Jefferies** (19) ...... 40-7
  8. Lee Williams (1) ........... 37-8
  9. Pete Uzzell (13) ............ 27-2
  10. Steve Burgess (7) ......... 25-1
  11. Mike Welling (3) ............ 22-3
  12. Ryan Radford (15) ......... 18-10
  13. and 2 dnw's


  1. Alan Healy (11) ... 18-7
  2. Kev Jefferies (19) ... 17-10
  3. Mark Radford (9) .... 9-7

Walters Lake, South Cerney (Blue & White), 7 July

20 fishing on this one split over two lanes (less the first 5 pegs on each) which still left us with plenty of room and we only had to pay the peg fees which was a bit of a relief for me as it's a bit of a gamble when you book venues like this a year in advance regarding how many pegs are required.
Des Shipp had recently broken the match record here with 446lbs so everyone had brought plenty of nets (God only knows why) and with the proper summer now in full swing hopes were high for a good day but to be honest it was a bit of a struggle in the bright, hot conditions.
Matt Taynton was top on the day with a meagre 54-9 caught on worm over worm / caster across from Blue 17.  Mark Radford gave Brian Shanks a lesson in fishing pellet shallow to take 2nd from White 12 with 41-7 and Chris Szakacs was 3rd from Blue 7 with 39-2 caught mainly chucking a banjo feeder with pellet to the far bank.
Alan Healy took the silvers (by default from Mark Radford) with 9-10 of caster fish.
Luckily for me I managed to scrape a couple of pound coins if nothing else, I spent them on some of Colin Ellaways handmade floats and have named them "Alan" and "Paul"

Full Result:

  1. Matt Taynton (17B) ...... 54-9
  2. Mark Radford (12W) ..... 41-7
  3. Chris Szakacs (7B) ....... 39-2
  4. Brian Shanks (13W) ..... 38-0
  5. Will Dearlove (15B) ...... 36-0
  6. Chris Gay (19B) ........... 31-10
  7. Aaron Britnell (9B) ....... 28-9
  8. Colin Ellaway (17W) ..... 28-0
  9. Steve Burgess (10W) .... 27-6
  10. Ray Bazeley (9W) ......... 19-9
  11. Rocket Ron Hardiman (16W) ... 18-10
  12. Alan Healy (11W) ......... 15-14
  13. Garth (7W) ................ 14-12
  14. Richard Jones (14W) .... 11-0
  15. Paul Reed (8B) ............ 9-0
  16. Adam Caswell (18B) ..... 8-9
  17. Ryan Radford (8W) ...... 7-2
  18. and 3 dnw's


  1. Mark Radford .... 11-8
  2. Alan Healy ........ 9-10
  3. Colin Ellaway ..... 7-4
  4. Paul Reed ......... 5-0


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