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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Just a quick one .…

For those of you fishing Plantations next week, the old entrance to Horseshoe Lake is now closed. To get to the lake you need to use the main entrance (for the coarse lake), drive over what used to be the footbridge and follow the new lane around the bottom of the coarse lake which takes you to Horseshoe Lake.
If anyone wants breakfast at the fishery let me know as soon as possible and if there are enough numbers (10+) I will sort it.
I won't be available after Thursday as I'm off to Ross on Wye with my tent, carp rod and a van full of Budweiser!
The wife is staying at home looking after my pellet wag rod


  1. Thats a nice waggler...

  2. Well that's not the first time your pellet rod bin nex to a big tit

  3. Well I hope there are more than 15 fishing this Sunday mate, or you won't be able to have a silvers pay out or a golden peg

  4. the only good thing about psv is that good looking chairman what a man hes a hero