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Monday, 16 June 2014

Viaduct Campbell 15 pegs

PSV blogger Mr Burgess is having another week off due to fathers day commitments, so I shall bringing things up to date with this weeks report.

Only 15 in attendance for this weeks match on Campbell but with fathers day and a rather important footy match on late the night before it was of no surprise, talking of the footy a certain mr Adam Caswell was telling anyone at the monthly meeting who would listen that England would stuff Italy!! but there again he knows just as much about football as he does fishing!!

Unusually for Campbell the fishing had been iffy of late with the carp mooching around in prespawn mode and with a few days of settled hot weather it was no surprise to see on walking round the lake predraw that the carp were going for it hammer and tong along every margin. It had also been a struggle in the match the day before and with the lakes silvers probably enjoying a spawn feast most people were expecting a tough day ahead.

At the draw it was decided by the acting match organisors along with help from the lake owner to split the match into two sections, with the carpark end fishing a lot better than the top end, pegs 110-114 and 128-132 became A section and 123-126 and 115-119 became B section, the payout being first and second in each section.

Now PSV matches are normally well run amiable affairs but unfortunately todays match was slightly controversial more of which will be explained later.

On to the fishing and as the all in was called and quicker than a Darren North put down Adam Caswell on spit peg 128 fouled his first carp and yards of elastic headed for the middle of the lake! infact he spent more time on the spit in the first hour retrieving rigs than he did fishing although in fairness to Adam he was getting the odd fish in mouth landing four or five decent carp.

Elsewhere things were pretty slow as expected, Mark Radford the other side of the spit was catching odd fish on his favoured putty even including several decent tench. opposite mark on 111 keith ray was sneaking a few out on meat and there was abit of a peg to peg battle on 114-115 as travelling partners Rocket Ron Hardiman and Brian (noplummit) Shanks managed to put a few in the net fishing various methods.

My match was one of frustration, drawing 125 I knew I was in for a hard day and that was how it was for the first few hours after trying several methods and baits the only entertainment I had was watching the carp porn going on under my platform, foul hookers were a massive problem for everyone and fishing on the deck was particularly troublesome with what looked like sail away bites resulting in lifting into nothing or fouling carp ,there was the odd fish feeding but working out how to catch them was another thing altogether! to my right I had PSVs second best dressed angler and daiwa poster boy Will Dearlove and to my left was Knowles finest Alan Healy and both were suffering the same problems I was. The last couple of hours I finally started to get a few proper bites and by fishing meat shallow put about 13-14 carp in the net.

Now back to the controversy whilst most on my bank were struggling we had a good view of Andy Gay over on 118 and were all impressed as he went about his business steadily building a weight on what we thought was the straight lead that was until a hour and half from the end when a bankwalker  stood behind him and informed him that the method feeder was banned! Poor Andy had thought a running method was aloud and to be fair to him once he realised he got straight off his box and went and confessed to steve in the shop who left it to the clubs discretion on what to do, so after the weighin there was a discussion with the members present and unfortunately for Andy his weight of 128lb was disqualified.

After all the drama and Andys disqualification it ment Brian Shanks won B section with 77lb 8 with myself sneaking second with 61lb 6

A section was won by Ron Hardiman who put in a great performance to weigh 106lb with Mark Radford second with 84lb 2



1ST   RON HARDIMAN       106LB 0OZ     PEG 114
2ND  MARK RADFORD        84LB  2OZ             129
3RD  KEITH RAY                   82LB  5OZ             111
4TH  COLIN BUTLER           73LB   2OZ             132
5TH  ADAM CASWELL        64LB  11OZ            128
6TH  RYAN RADFORD         52LB  3OZ             110
7TH  LEE WILLIAMS            51LB  9OZ             112
8TH  PETE UZZEL                 39LB  3OZ             130


1ST ANDY GAY                   128LB 0OZ              118 DQ
2ND BRIAN SHANKS           77LB 8OZ              115
3RD CHRIS SZAKACS          61LB 6OZ              125
4TH ALAN HEALY               50LB 3OZ               123
5TH WILL DEARLOVE        41LB 9OZ               126
6TH  MIKE WELLING          33LB 5OZ               119


Next week the club are down in Kingston Seymour to fish the horseshoe lake at plantations, i'm off down whiteacres for the old English cider festival so normal service should be resumed on the blog with PSV heart throb and original dexys midnight runner Steve Burgess back on the keyboard


  1. steve ringer might have got the method rod out with a pop up on a 2inch hooklength !! lets hope the fish switch on soon Will (AKA Daiwa poster boy)

  2. Best report ever,steves gunna av to go some to get bk an fish sun coulda sworn i jus saw him on the tv wearing the Brazilian no 17 shirt

  3. Think you should give up the fishing and get a job with the post,maybe in the comedy cartoon section.
    Nice one

  4. Anybody wanting to know the match rules for viaduct please see there website whereby it clearly stats No method. This is not mentioned under the fishery rules but the match rules.