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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Sedges, Brick Lake, 13 July (13 pegs)

A pity nobody told the frog!

A bit of a change in the weather today meant that after the long spell of hot and relatively windless days we've enjoyed through most of June we had a drop of rain overnight and we were greeted with slightly fresher conditions, cloudy with a bit of breeze that was blowing diagonally across the lake towards peg 20.
With this in mind and with 13 fishing, peg 1 went into the bucket along with the rest of the odd numbers on the central bank plus peg 10, and on the far bank pegs 13, 16 and 19 were left out which gave everybody a bit of space.
Ironically Adam Caswell drew peg 1 and I had to admit it did look like a good draw today.
The other corners were occupied by Darren North (10), Chris Szakacs (with much to prove in 11) and Mark Radford in 20 which was where I would have chosen to be but if I drew another corner today I think I would have been physically abused!
As per normal I took the last peg which gave me 17 which didn't fill me with confidence but Vic Bush (who was fishing the top 2 match on Tile) reckoned it was a decent draw as did Jamie the owner.
I was a bit disheartened though as the wind was blowing straight into the peg meaning the wag was going to be a non-starter.
My neighbourhood watch for today was Ron Hardiman on 18, looking tanned and toned after his luxury holiday chasing turtles in Zante, two up to my right was Lionel Legge who has an uncanny habit of drawing next to me at Sedges and up from him was Bridgwater's finest pools poacher Lee Williams.
The rest of my bank were out of sight but I was expecting to get battered from the two corners at least.
I did set up a shallow wag (a hefty one) and started off on that hoping to nick a couple early but as expected the presentation was rubbish and I had no indications on it.
Plan B was out on a full depth rig at about 9 or 10 metres with corn on the hook over 4mm pellet and this eventually produced a hand-sized skimmer but it was slow going.
Fortunately for me nobody else was really setting the place alight except for Chris Davis across on peg 3 who had been catching steadily from the start.
I couldn't make out exactly what he was catching but I could see plenty of elastic so I guessed it was carp although I found out later it was skimmers and plenty of them!
A change to meat on the hook was a bit more productive for me with a couple more skimmers and one that filled the bottom of the landing net but I was still struggling.
Halfway through I untangled a full depth waggler and had a play with that but with no joy and by now I could see Adam was "hooking" a few carp in peg 1 which was worrying and Chris was miles ahead of everyone else.
I did manage a few more skimmers from the deep rig including a couple more of those net-fillers that make your arse twitch a bit when you're bringing them in as every time they shake their heads it seems like they're going to shed the hook.
I spent the last 90 minutes fishing meat down the left hand margin and I managed to get 4 decent sized carp out but the lake really switched on for everyone in the last hour so there was to be no Curry Kings tonight.
My collection of skimmers went 15lbs (which I was quite proud of) and added together with my 4 carp gave me a grand total of 50-4 for nowhere and to make matters worse I was beaten by Adam, Alan and also Lee which cost me £3 so an expensive day!
The match was won by Chris Davis with 119-9 which also included the top silvers weight of 67-7 of skimmers.
Added to that, Chris was on the golden peg which earned him an healthy bonus of £100.
Chris caught the bulk of his fish on meat over loose fed meat at 5/6m.
Brian Shanks ran him a close second with 118-7 from peg 9 followed by Chris Szakacs with 93-13 from 11 (I was expecting him to do a little better than that but I guess he tried his best) and 4th place went to Mark Radford in 20 with 85-8 caught on paste.
Top silvers, as mentioned already went to Chris so the default silvers pool went to Bridgewater Silvers Superhero Lee Williams with a level 40lbs.
For a blow by blow account of Lee's heroics click here!
Rocket Ron Hardiman took the second (default) silvers spot with 20-10.
The skimmers really got there heads down today with a total of 202lbs weighed in.
Incidentally the top 2 match I mentioned earlier on Tile lake was won by Vic Bush with 164-4 from peg 39 which is a new record for the topkit matches.
Tile lake has been fishing really well recently with match records being beaten several times over the last month or so.
For all the latest Sedges match results click here
(not that the frog would be too bothered)!

Full Result:
  1. Chris Davis* (peg 3) ....... 119-9
  2. Brian Shanks (9) ............ 118-7
  3. Chris Szakacs (11) .......... 93-13
  4. Mark Radford (20) .......... 85-8
  5. Alan Healey (7) ............. 64-10
  6. Adam Caswell (1) .......... 60-8
  7. Lee Williams (14) .......... 54-5
  8. Steve Burgess (17) ....... 50-4
  9. Darren North (10) ........ 36-3
  10. Ryan Radford** (12) ..... 33-10
  11. Mike Welling (5) ........... 28-15
  12. Ron Hardiman (18) ....... 20-10
  13. Lionel Legge (15) ......... dnw
*golden peg
**silver peg

  1. Chris Davis (3) ......... 67-7
  2. Lee Williams (14) ...... 40-0
  3. Ron Hardiman (18) ... 20-10
  4. Mike Welling (5) ....... 16-1
  5. Steve Burgess (17) .... 15-2
  6. Alan Healey (7) ........ 12-12
  7. Brian Shanks (9) ...... 12-9
  8. Ryan Radford (12) .... 10-1
  9. Mark Radford (20) ..... 3-13
  10. Adam Caswell (1) ...... 2-5
  11. Darren North (10) ..... 2-3


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