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Monday, 5 October 2015

The Sedges, Tile lake

Another visit down to Sedges today, this time on Tile lake. A very good turnout with 19 fishing so everyone was expecting a good contest. Everyone was in good spirits which was probably down to the great craic everyone had the weekend before and there was plenty of piss taking going on mainly at the expense of Adam Caswell.

Draw time came and asper usual Will had everything well organised paying a top two, two sections and top silvers so lots to play for, the usual corners were favoured, particularly 21-40. Keith Rays drawing arm is on fire at the moment as he pulled 40 and young Ryan Radford can draw better than his dad and that's saying something! pulling 21.

Peg 38 was to be my home for the day and after pushing my gear the short walk to my peg the two biggest venue experts in the club 'slayer' Matty Taynton and Lee Williams trudged past bemoaning how bad they're pegs were ( yea right! ) on the way to 31-32. On my left i had the clubs second loudest angler in Pete Uzzel who was defo gonna make the day entertaining especially after another night of rugby disappointment, and on my right for the second time in a week was 'Rocket' Ron Hardiman although Pete did suggest its now ' sparkler' Ron Hardiman after his showing at stafford moor!

My main line was gonna be chucking out the pellet feeder to the island id also set up the shallow wag just in case and acouple of pole lines finished my setup, on the whistle an assortment of method feeders and leads were chucked at various islands and early doors it was clear not alot was being caught, a hour in id managed one 2lber and from what i could see it was just odd fish being caught, as the match went on it followed abit of a pattern for me id catch acouple in quick succession then go very long spells with nothing a brief spell mid match on the pole yielded acouple of decent skimmers then a hooked carp killed the line.

As the match went on a some people started to catch a few. matt up on 31 was showing good skills on the shallow wag taking a few good carp against the rope as was Lee next door taking a few on the method. also on 35 Rich jones short meat line was starting to work taking decent skimmers and the odd carp at regular intervals, the last hour came and some pegs really switched on with the the corners really showing with Ryan, Keith and Steve Sewel on 30 taking a string of decent fish.

Winner on the day with a good performance was Matty Taynton with 70lb 9oz of mainly wag caught carp, second was Rich Jones with 57lb 13oz of meat caught fish which included the best silver weight of 16lb and third went to Lee Williams with a method caught 54lb 5oz

                                                                       'The Slayer'

Keith and Lee were section winners and Pete Uzzel managed to sneak the silvers by default so he was a happy chappy despite getting ' a chip shop ' my couple of skimmers and 11 carp went just over 42lb odd whilst Will Dearlove had four fish for 2ozs more!


  1. MATT TAYNTON          70,09 LBS        PEG  31
  2. RICH JONES                   57,13 LBS                  35
  3. LEE WILLIAMS             54,05 LBS                  32  ( SECTION )
  4. KEITH RAY                    52,03 LBS                  40  ( SECTION )
  5. RYAN RADFORD          51,04 LBS                  21
  6. STEVE SEWELL            43,07 LBS                  30
  7. WILL DEARLOVE         42,08 LBS                  29
  8. CHRIS SZAKACS          42,06 LBS                  38
  9. ADAM CASWELL         33,08 LBS                  25
  10. STEVE O TOOLE           33,07 LBS                  27
  11. MARK RADFORD         24,03 LBS                  24
  12. LEE WALLER                23      LBS                  36
  13. BRIAN SHANKS           21,07 LBS                   23
  14. RON HARDIMAN         21,05 LBS                   37
  15. PETE UZZEL                 15,02 LBS                   39
  16. JOHN BRADFORD         7,04 LBS                   26

  1. RICH JONES                   16,     LBS
  2. PETE UZZEL                    8,15 LBS    ( DEFAULT )
  3. MATT TAYNTON           8,14 LBS 
  4. JOHN BRADFORD         7,04 LBS
Not massive weights but another close fishing match at a great fishery, the next match is at trinity waters and the blog should be back in the capable hands of Mr Burgess who should be back from his holidays.    


  1. I'm not back for another week so the blog can remain in your capable hands for the time being, I just need to know how Will consistently catches fish bigger than him!

  2. No match this week matey, will does have a habit of catching the bigger fish probably down to his special daiwa harness he uses just for little people to stop him being pulled off his box 😊