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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Stafford moor dates 2016

We have an update on the Stafford Moor mini festivals for 2016.
Following on from the great weekend we had and the support for another event, the following festivals have been booked... yipppppeeeeee
April 8th – 10th
September 16th – 18th
We will be looking to run a similar format to last time depending on the number, therefore please let me know, drop me a message or a text on what festival or both you wish to fish.
Accommodation has been arranged for up to 23 people at the Beaford Country House. We will be looking to secure a £25 deposit for each festival ideally by the next meeting. (Money can be paid to Lee Waller, once again thanks to Lee and his Wife for sorting out the accommodation)

Will Dearlove


  1. What is the cost per person for each event,

  2. Evening Lionel,

    It will be around £140 depending on the numbers including fishing and the accommodation.


  3. What date is the psv christmas match.