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Monday, 15 April 2013

Trinity, Woodlands Lake, 14 April (15 pegs)

Earlier in the week the weather forecast had promised the best day of the year so far.  Unfortunately, by Sunday that had all changed and instead we were given a warm day but accompanied by strong winds that made decent presentation all but impossible.
The far bank had the wind straight in their faces which meant the only options on that bank were either to fish the tip or down the edge.
While on the bank nearest the car park, although the wind was coming from directly behind making it a bit easier it was still causing problems as Matt Taynton found out when four sections of his pole blew off the roller and slid straight into the lake.
However, at Psv we're a hardy bunch and Matt stripped down to his boxers and went for a swim.  Unfortunately I couldn't get a picture to show the look of shock on his face when he came to terms with the water temperature or the fact that the lake drops off to 8 feet deep quite rapidly and needless to say he never found his pole.
Rich Jones came up with the novel suggestion of ringing Misha to get her swimmers on and have a paddle about but I'm guessing she had better things to do and besides I expect her "bodyguard" would have put a stop to it anyway (unfortunately)!
Anyway, back to the fishing and after his successful day at Staunton Court last week where he came a close second behind the Mugger, the club's golden wonderboy, Chris Packet, continued his run of good fortune.
Drawn on peg 14 Chris fished 13m(ish) down his left margin with 8mm meat on the hook where he had found a small depression that held a few fish.  He caught steadily all day to win the match clearly with an all-carp weight of 70lbs 9oz which was quite an impressive feet in the wind but don't tell him that or it will go to his head and we will all be suffering small depressions from listening to him.
Second and third places were very close with Rocket Ron Hardiman on peg 20 just edging it by 5oz with 47-8 from Trinity expert, Rich Jones on peg 27.
In the Silvers, Mark Radford on peg 6 managed to find a few skimmers to take the spoils with an unimpressive 8-8.
While on 13, Simon Belcham enjoyed a very busy day foul-hooking roach fry on maggot at 4m to take second in the silvers with 3-8 which did include a couple of bonus 1oz fish.
Worthy of a mention was Stevie Wynne who managed to find a few suicidal carp on the pellet wag at 11m, that was until he managed to break his reel which is something you don't see every week.
Fortunately he was able to loan a replacement off his neighbour (I have my uses)!

Full Result:

  1. Chris Packet (peg 14) ..... 70-9
  2. Ron Hardiman (20) ........ 47-8
  3. Rich Jones (27) ............. 47-3
  4. Adam Caswell (31) ........ 39-11
  5. Matt Taynton (21) ......... 39-3
  6. Bob Warren (29) .......... 34-13
  7. Mark Radford (6) ........ 34-12
  8. Keith Ray (8) ............... 27-13
  9. Stevie Wynne (25) ....... 20-5
  10. Lionel Legge (11) ........ 14-0
  11. Simon Belcham* (13) .. 12-11
  12. Steve Burgess (24) ..... 12-7
  13. Paul Reed** (10) ....... 12-0
  14. Darren North / Ryan Radford ... dnw


  1. Steve i think you need to pay a visit to specsavers as i caught most of my fish at top kit +1 not 13m

  2. Well it does say 13m "ish" which in my book is anything between 1 & 16m