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Monday, 22 April 2013

Viaduct, Cary, 21 April (18 pegs)

After a couple of dismal results our reigning club champion and former pools rapist Alan Healy seems to have deserted us.  Last week he was with Frys for the last match of their 6 match series at the ever-popular Bullocks Farm Fishery which he managed to not only frame in but also mug their £100 golden peg.
This week he was back with Frys again, a bit closer to home, next door on Campbell so we could still hear him spouting his usual bullshit.  I think he's taken a liking to Frys matches as (in his words not mine) "it's like taking candy off a baby"!
Anyway, after the first hour of our match it looked like it was going to be a re-run of last week for Chris Packet.  Drawn on 109 and fishing 8mm pellet at 14 and 16m down along the undergrowth (according to the bankside telegraph) Chris was "sacking", getting "one a chuck" etc  but what actually happened was that Chris landed 5 carp before loosing one that found an underwater branch and then spent the rest of the day convincing himself how good he is whilst catching not a lot.
Meanwhile, predictably, Brian Shanks was happily doing what comes naturally on peg 85 which is catching carp shallow on the wag and on the pole.
17 fish later and it was another payday for the Westerleigh mugger with 177lbs 3oz.
Second place went to another Westerleigh reject, Lionel Legge on 97 with 139-1 all caught on the lead with banded pellet which included one fish of 16lbs-ish that came in backwards.  That may sound impressive but having used Lionel's reel at Avalon I can safely say that there isn't a fish in Cary that is capable of breaking his line.
Richard Britton took third place from peg 99 with 115-0, again caught on the lead with banded pellet which was also the same tactic used by Ryan Radford on 86 for fourth place with 111-1.
Top silvers for the second week running went to Ryan's dad, Mark Radford
with 25-10 of proper skimmers from peg 77.  Mark caught on standard skimmer tactics of  6 and 8mm banded pellet at 13m.
Second in the silvers (and actually fishing for them) was Bob Warren with 18-8 from peg 74 caught on the short pole line with maggot.
As for me, I didn't do all that great which probably serves me right for having a pound with the club junior who nearly managed to double my weight although in my defense I did waste a lot of time walking round to peg 92 to get my float out of the trees and playing a fish that decided to swim backwards and forwards in front of me on the bottom for 15 minutes before it finally snapped the hooklength (I think it might have been a good one)!
Anyway, next week we have a full house at Sedges which is a venue that has been reasonably kind to me so if all goes well next week's update should be up a bit quicker than the last two.

Full Result:

  1. Brian Shanks (peg 85) ....... 177-3
  2. Lionel Legge** (97) ......... 139-1
  3. Richard Britton (99) ......... 115-0
  4. Ryan Radford (86) .......... 111-1
  5. Will Dearlove (88) ........... 96-12
  6. Mark Radford* (77) ....... 86-14
  7. Mike Smith (98) ............. 76-5
  8. Adam Caswell (96) ......... 71-15
  9. Steve Burgess (94) ......... 61-3
  10. Chris Davis (80) ............. 46-7
  11. Chris Packet (109) .......... 39-12
  12. Derek Lucas (81) ............ 35-15
  13. Matt Williams (90) .......... 19-8
  14. Bob Warren (74) ............ 18-8
  15. Kev Jefferies (105) ......... 10-7
  16. Pete Uzzell (102) ....... 8-7
  17. Stewart Riddle / Chris Szakacs .... dnw
*golden peg
**silver peg

  1. Mark Radford ...... 25-10
  2. Bob Warren ........ 18-8
  3. Chris Davis ......... 13-14
  4. Kev Jefferies ....... 10-7
  5. Mike Smith .......... 7-0
  6. Ryan Radford ...... 6-3


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