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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Landsend, Match Lake, 15 September (15 pegs)

Fifteen fishing today which was a good number although one more would have been ideal in that the cost of the lake would have been covered.
The weather forecast was not good at all with strong winds and rain forecast for most of the day but we were lucky in that the wind seemed to blowing over the top of us and the rain wasn't as bad as I'd expected, at least not until we were heading home when it became a bit more biblical so we got away lightly there.
Some familiar faces on familiar pegs today with Alan on 13, Will on 24 and Kev Jefferies on 19 (again) and presumably keen to improve on his dismal performance from this peg last time round.
Those of you that know this lake will be aware that there are more fish in peg 19 than there is water but anyway .....
Following the all-in, which was on time this week as I had all my rigs made up the night before, it was apparent that Adam Caswell was catching a few by all the splashing and bullshit coming from peg 1, other than that, Kev Jefferies was having a "torrid" time sticking hooks into various parts of fish across towards the island and also Bob Warren in 22 was sneaking a few from across although, as seems to be the norm here, he was foulhooking more than he was landing.
I couldn't see much else from my vantage point but apparently Lionel Legge was catching well on meat short over on peg 3 which was unfortunate because it was the golden peg and I'd said at the draw that if anyone managed to win the match from peg 3 I'd double the golden peg money (great idea)!
As it turned out the lake had fished well below par, maybe because there had been some cold nights previously.  First to weigh in was Adam Caswell on peg 1 with 52-4 but that was soon eclipsed by Lionel who dumped 66-10 onto the scales which looked like it was going to be hard to beat but luckily (for my pocket) Rocket Ron Hardiman saw that off with 71-8 from peg 15.
Simon Belcham took the Silvers honours from peg 9 with an impressive mixed net of maggot caught fish for 20-10.
If it was any consolation, the Saturday open hadn't fished that well either, the results from that one can be found ... click here
As for me, I'd based my plans on a "catch anything" day which meant feeding the margins and the track with micros and "stunned" maggots in groundbait.
The maggots were supposed to be dead after their spell in the freezer but once thawed most of them re-incarnated themselves hence "stunned".
I didn't have to wait long for a bite over the groundbait down the track but the strike didn't connect with anything for the first 2 feet so needless to say that one was neatly hooked in the pelvic fin but he came in after giving me the runaround.  That line didn't produce much after but the margin down towards the empty peg 20 gave up a few perch and seeing as both Bob and Kev either side of me were loosing a few across I had a try at 16m where the piss-takers were waving their tails at me.
  This resulted in a few fish, some hooked in the mouth, but it was hard work and after loosing a monstrous ghostie I gave in and fished the rest of the match down the edge which produced a few more proper carp on the stunned maggots for a final total of 49-7.

Full Result:
  1. Rocket Ron Hardiman** (peg 15) .... 71-8
  2. Lionel Legge* (3) ........ 66-10
  3. Mark Radford (18) ....... 61-12
  4. Alan Healy (13) ........... 60-11
  5. Brian Shanks (12) ....... 57-9
  6. Adam Caswell (1) ........ 52-4
  7. Chris Szakacs (16) ...... 49-7
  8. Steve Burgess (21) ..... 49-7
  9. Will Dearlove (24) ....... 45-0
  10. Ryan Radford (7) ........ 34-12
  11. Simon Belcham (9) ..... 26-10
  12. Bob Warren (22) ......... 25-2
  13. Garth Creese (11) ....... 12-12
  14. and 2 dnw's
*golden peg
**silver peg

  1. Simon Belcham ..... 20-10
  2. Alan Healy .......... 13-5
  3. Steve Burgess ..... 4-2
  4. Lionel Legge ....... 3-0
It's probably worth a mention that one of those dnw's was Kev Jefferies on 19 who packed up early after yet another very torrid day and sloped off for an early bath looking a bit downbeat.
I suspect he will be off to fish the open at Windmill next Sunday as he's good there and kicked Tony Rixon and Shaun Townsend's asses either side of him in a recent match there, so good luck with that Kev!


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