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Thursday, 26 September 2013


I quite often get phone calls from people interested in joining the club be it new people or former members who want to come back but because the club has got quite popular over the years we have had to cap the membership around 38 and that fills up quite quickly. 
The reason for the capped membership is so as not to have to have to run matches on a "first come, first served" basis over the phone especially as I work 6 days a week on building jobs and don't have immediate access to my booking-in sheet. Plus the fact that I have a memory like a sieve which is why it's always better to text me and why we have always encouraged people to book in at the monthly meetings.
Secondly, because I have to book matches 18 months to 2 years in advance (especially at places like Viaduct) I don't want to be guessing how many will be fishing a match 2 years away!
In other words, I try my best not to have to turn anyone away from a match although it does happen rarely.
On the plus side, this year we've introduced "guests" where a non-member can fish if there is space available but this is limited to one match for the season and one "guest" per member.
Although we have a membership around 38 I've found that we have a "core" group of about 10 who fish every week.
A few more, (some are also members of other clubs) fish once or twice a month, and then there are some that fish a couple of matches a year and the Christmas match. This means that the turnout averages around 15 which on the venues we fish is about right.
So if you're reading this and would like to join, the best thing is to come to the AGM around April / May time to avoid dissappointment.


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