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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Psv v Frys, Shiplate Farm, all lakes

I thought I'd stick this picture on because I found it quite amusing, in fact I want one (Steve / Carol)!  Although judging by some of the performances today maybe it should read "I'd rather be Knitting or Playing Golf".
Anyway, 22 fishing today with all three lakes to choose from so loads of room for everybody and it was looking to be a good day with decent temperatures and a gentle breeze putting a nice ripple on the lakes, not very autumnal at all.
Payout was top 2 overall and 2 silvers (still no sign of Kev Jefferies) and a section on each lake which spread the pools money about a bit and gave everybody a good chance of picking up something.
The overall result would be decided on points, 1 point for the winner etc so the lowest points score would win less the bottom 2 PSV results as we had 2 more fishing (somehow I forgot to mention the points scoring system)! 
From my home for the day (peg 5 on the main lake) I could only see three other people on the opposite bank and a bit of Chris Gay on peg 1 (which was enough thanks), and I could hear Pete Sivell about 500yds away over on Westpool 15.
But I had no idea what was happening behind me on Hawthorns as all I could hear was ducks and geese arguing on the stock pond behind so I didn't have much idea of what was going on.
As it happened, all that hard work scratching about for bites down the docks on Thursday evenings must have paid off for the top 3 as Andy Curry took top honours from 15 on the main lake with 79lbs 14oz caught mostly on paste at 13m and later 5m.
Following him was Alan "have you got some meat Dean" Healey with 78-10 from Hawthorns 5, caught on .... no point in asking but probably Dean's meat as Alan is very fond of a bit of Dean's meat!!
And in third place was Jason Bird with 71-10 from Hawthorns 13.  I've no idea what Jason caught on as he was too busy gloating over his pound that he robbed off me but I got one back off Pete to cover it which was a relief.
Top silvers went to Mike Wilson with 16-2 consisting of a bream plus skimmers caught on maggot over groundbait from peg 3 on the main lake.
That was followed by Paul Chapman with 15-6 from peg 14, again on the main lake.
Sections went to Matt Taynton on Westpool 10 with 68-12, Jason Bird on Hawthorns (by default) with 71-10  and Mark Radford on Main Lake 7 with 57-8 (again by default) which included the biggest fish of the day, a 14lbs 4oz common that must have wandered out of Chris Gay's peg (peg 1) where most of the proper fish on that side of the lake tend to hang out.
And the end result was ..... A DRAW! Probably due to my inspirational points system but anyway 106 points each which was a fitting result as the weights were close across all the lakes with a couple of exceptions.
As for my day, as already mentioned, I was drawn on peg 5 which was one of the last 2 pegs in the bucket, Dean drew Westpool 3 which he was welcome to as I was hoping for the lake because I've always struggled on the canals.

Apparently it was a good draw with lots of open water to go at and the plan (according to Dean) was to go at it with the waggler and method feeder with 8mm pellet and leave the pole in the van (should have left the pole in the van).
I had a waggler rod already set up but the method feeder is still a bit new-fangled for me so that was substituted for a lead rod.  Both were paced out on the bank and clipped up so they'd be fishing in the same spot (very technical stuff), and I also set up a rig for on the deck at 13m as Andy Curry reckoned the legendary bream could move onto that line later in the day and I set up a margin rig.
After feeding the 13 m line with four balls of groundbait / micro I went out on the lead and commenced the 8mm pellet barrage which started to produce indications.  In fact the tip was just moving an inch or so backwards and forwards for ages which I assumed was a skimmer "licking" the pellet so I got fed up of waiting for a proper pull and struck but instead of the expected skimmer the rod bent double and line started clicking off the spool and a very strange fight ensued and I was starting to think I had a monstrous bream on or maybe even one of the resident sterlets which got my palms sweating a bit but it turned out to be a carp hooked neatly in the dorsal.
Further chucks with the lead produced only liners and lost foul-hookers so the wag went out but that was hard work as the crosswind was dragging the float about and the ducks were a nightmare. 
Swapping about between the lead and the wag kept a few odd fish coming to the net including a proper bream but liners, foul-hookers and ducks were getting annoying so I got tempted by the 13m pole line.
Unfortunately this line was only any good for a few hand-sized skimmers and the margin wasn't happening so I spent the rest of the match on the wag with meat pulled onto the band which  seemed to work better than the pellet and throwing handfulls of maggots into the margins was keeping the ducks occupied. I think I was starting to get the hang of it by the end of the match and I was getting fish swirling on the feed but too late as usual.
The end result was 51-11 and another mid-table nowhere result much to the amusement of Jason Bird.





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