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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Landsend match & lake 3

Today match at the popular landsend had 22 people fish so we decided as opposed to all be cuddling each other on match lake a few would take the walk up to Lake 3, a few groans
But I think we are all happy families again.
16 on match lake and 6 on Lake 3 plus a few day ticket guys who had about 500 rods and more pegs than a clothes line.
Fancied pegs on match went to Matt Taynton on 12, Steve sewell on 13 with rich Jones,  Steve Wynne,  Chris szakacs and new member Keith bilder on 18 to 22. As for me I draw peg 42 again no sign off fish moving but I was hopefully of getting some as was Ryan opposite on 68.
as it turned out both lakes were a bit of a struggle with just odd fishing being caught, I had 23 fish however a lot smaller than usually especially as they were taken shallow fishing across to the island with only 3 fish coming from the inside margin.
Top on Lake 3 was the man on form matt Williams who edged out mark Radford fishing paste in the margins
, surprisingly he only had 15 fish but all of a good stamp for 77lb.
Match lake was a close match between Chris szakacs and Keith bilder on 21 and 22 who both caught across on pellet and then short on meat to finish with 93lb and 106lb with Keith taking the overall winner.
Even the silvers did not play ball today much to the disappointment of Mr Bradford with similar belcham taking the win with 12lb and Matt Taynton 2nd with 11lb.

Winners was Keith bilder off peg 22 with 106lb
2nd peg 21 Chris szakacs 93lb
3rd and Lake 3 winner off peg 58 matt Williams 77lb
Silvers winner site Belcham off peg 3 with 12lb

Sections lake 3 mark Radford 68lb
Lionel leggings peg 16 70lb
Darren north peg 10 with 52lb

Thanks to Adam for doing the weight in, in his all winter bib n brace, fleece and jacket always brings the laughs considering most were wearing tshirts and shorts.