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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Rood Ashton 23 pegs 5/6/16

Off to deepest Wiltshire today for our once a year visit to the lovely old mature lake that is Rood Ashston, 22 in attendance today which was about the max for this lake and with alittle help Adam Caswell sorted the pegging, monies and payouts were sorted by captain 'birdseye' Burgess and Steve decided on paying the top two and then splitting the lake into three sections paying the top two in each section, also at the draw was the owner who done his usual gesture of offering 50quid out of his own pocket if anyone beat the match record, he did have a wry smile on his face when he announced it and the news was met with a few chuckles including Alan Healy who asked if all our combined weights together would count towards it which was met with stony stare! also apologies for a lack of pictures in this blog as i never expected to be writing it but as Captain 'birdseye' Burgess is in the process of sorting his new trawler home out on the kennet and avon and with a lack of internet i sorta got handed the baton.

Rood is quite an unusual venue as unlike most lakes the main body of water is actually more shallow than the margins! an average depth of a foot and a half with an extra foot of depth in most margins this makes things interesting when you hook an angry carp up the arse end as not being able go down they can only bolt to the side or away which can result in some ass twitching moments holding onto expensive bits of carbon! The owner also informed us the carp had been in full spawning mode the week before that coupled with the bright hot conditions the omens didnt look good for the usual decent returns the club achieve at the venue.

As it happens theres not much to write about really as the match itself turned into a grueller for everyone, odd fish were caught around the lake but no one could string any number together with most people waiting long times between bites.

For my sins i drew peg 16 which is round the back of the second island and is probably one of the narrowest pegs on the lake, a method rod was set up plus two pole rigs one for under the trees ether side and along meat rig for out in front. the first four hours were very slow like most only taking nine small carp on the method chucked as close to the jungle of an island i could get away with, the last two hours were slightly better taking another ten with five of them being of good stamp 4-7lb in my right margin on meat. to my total surprise my weight of 63lb 9oz was enough to win on the day.

Second spot and not far behind was Brian Shanks round on 22 on the back of the lake, Brian caught in fits and starts during the day all on poled pellet rotating several swims weighing 62lb 15oz.

Third spot and section winner was Lee Waller on 17 who after having a blank first four hours and walking the bank several times came good in the last two hours catching on most put ins fishing pellet at 13 metres in front of him.

The other two sections were won by Matt Williams and Adam Caswell respectivly, Adam in particular had his usual total nightmare in peg one losing twice as many as he landed and probably should of won the match easy but at least he kept Alan in the next peg amused during the day!

So a proper hard match for all which is very unusul for the venue but at least everyone enjoyed the sunshine in lovely surrondings.


1. Chris Szakacs (16) 63-9...
2. Brian Shanks (21) 62-15
3. Lee Waller (17) 62-4
4. Darren North (19) 42-13
5. Ryan Radford (22) 36-14
6. Matt Williams (13) 36-11
7. Adam Caswell (1) 35-0
8. Rich Britton (11) 31-8
9. Derek Lucas (20) 29-2
10. Rich Jones (14) 26-1
11. Chris Gay (12) 25-8
12. Ron Hardiman (15) 23-10
13. Degsy Williams (4) 21-12
14. Colin Ellaway (6) 21-8
15. Steve Burgess (9) 20-11
16. Steve Sewell (5) 20-0
17. Pete Uzzell (8) 17-12
18. Alan Healey (3) 17-5
19. Mark Radford (10) 7-2
20. Ross Sewell (7) 5-11
and 2 dnw's

Rich Jones 1½ oz


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