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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Viaduct Scary Cary June 12th

Today's blog brought to you by your local daiwa fan I'll leave the humour to fellow bloggers.
Only 11 booked in today which was a surprise as this is probably the best fishery in the uk but maybe it's the size of these carp that puts people off, defiantly not an issue for me.
We had Ryan,  Keith and one of our silvers experts on the top bank with Lee waller and Chris szakacs taking the fancied pegs backing onto lodge. As for me peg 80 again, the same as the open the week before when the fish were to far past the end of the spit however today with aerator on there was no sign of fish moving.
The match was slow for us on the Campbell bank with no one getting a take until a few hours in, the fish were coming into heavy feed but not really giving you any positive indications, feeding less or drip feeding didn't work as they just didn't want to settle with the water movement , over on pegs 94 and 96 Lee and Chris were having a fish battle, Chris down into the corner however his fish did look smaller resident fish whilst Lee was catch well fishing shallow.
As it turned out the top bank was the place to draw with a lot of fish showing and bubbling up, the guys caught on the waggle or pole fished at depth with pellet over loose fed pellets.
Winner was Ryan on peg 88 with 134lb courtesy of Keith sharing his platform with the ducks and deciding on a late catch and release programme costing him the win and a place in the winners final later in the year.

Ryan Rafford 134lb
Keith ray 122lb
Matt Williams 114lb
Lee waller 111lb
Chris szakacs 108lb
Will dearlove 83lb
Alan heavy 79lb
Mark Rafford 68lb
Mike Wilson 62lb
Ron hardie an 60lb
Adam caswell 36lb

Silvers winner was Alan heavy just pipping Ron with 16lb.


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